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As they say in the real estate business, “location, location, location.” Help rebuild a city and save it from economic ruin in Be Richest. And if your entrepreneurial spirit is not in the mood for the city life, try your hand on the farm in Farm Girl at the Nile. Building a thriving farm isn’t easy, but it’ll be even more of a challenge when you consider the hazards of Egypt.

Whether you’re in the mood for Hidden Object or Time Management games, this week’s list of new releases should have a little something for you. Check them out:

Be Richest1. Be Richest
Release date: August 5

Do you have what it takes to make it in the real estate biz? It’s a cutthroat world out there after the city’s corrupt mayor leaves the place in ruins. Construct and restore buildings and bring the corrupt politician to justice while establishing yourself as a planning and development super star along the way!

If you can’t get enough to sate your business-building cravings, play Be Rich and become CEO of the hottest real estate firm in the country!

Summer Supersports2. Summer SuperSports
Release date: August 6

Have you yet to find a game to satisfy both your love of sports and finding hidden objects? Summer SuperSports takes you on a journey through sports stadiums, where you’ll get to search for all sorts of objects, including bronze, silver and gold medals! Get the whole family to help you spot the gold in this family-friendly Hidden Object adventure!


Farm Quest3. Farm Quest
Release date: August 7

Use your Match 3 skills to care for the farm animals, but don’t worry, you’ll have a little help to fight the most common farming hazards. As you make combinations, you’ll also become friends with the farmhands – including Hector the dog. Hector and the rest of the help have special powers to fight off vermin and protect your farm.

With two different game modes – relaxed and action – Farm Quest can either put your Match 3 skills to the test or be a relaxing weekend getaway to the farm!

Farm Girl at the Nile4. Farm Girl at the Nile
Release date: August 8

Midas became famous when everything he touched turned to gold – and now you can become famous when every crop you touch thrives! But you decide to take farming to the next level by choosing a location with a whole new set of challenges – Egypt. Ever wanted to start a papyrus or an ostrich farm? Just make sure to keep the crocodiles out of your precious crops!


The World`s Legends: Kashchey the Immortal 5. The World’s Legends: Kaschey the Immortal
Release date: August 8

Tsarevich’s mother gets kidnapped by an evil sorcerer, who takes his victim to the Kingdom Beyond the Ends of the Earth. After his two older brothers go searching and never return, Tsarevich realizes it’s up to him to save his dear mother from the thrall of the villain. With his father’s blessing, Tsarevich sets out on his quest – he’ll need your hidden object-finding prowess and the aid of the spirit warrior to conquer the evil that has threatened his family.

With 3 modes of difficulty, The World’s Legends: Kaschey the Immortal is a good choice for beginners to Hidden Object games, but it won’t leave advanced finders without a challenge.

The Theatre of Shadows: As You Wish6. The Theatre of Shadows: As You Wish
Release date: August 9

Take the role of the Hunter of Shadows in this exciting Hidden Object game! Your evil-hunting takes you to the Theatre of Shadows, where you find the owner is possessed by a dark force. The force originated from a magic shadow puppet, but can you stop the evil before it unleashes extra-dimensional dark shadows upon the world?

If the darkness feels like it’s closing in and you just can’t find something to light your path, check out the Strategy Guide for a little help.

Grim Tales: The Wishes 7. Grim Tales: The Wishes
Release date: August 10

Your sister calls for your help when her son begins withering before her very eyes! When you arrive on the scene, you discover a dark bargain has been made. Guard your words carefully as you uncover the mystery sapping the life from your nephew… and be careful what you wish for.

For a more in-depth experience, check out the Collector’s Edition, which includes content not found in the regular game, such as bonus gameplay, an integrated Strategy Guide and concept art.

Mystery Heritage: Sign of the Spirit Collector`s Edition8. Mystery Heritage: Sign of the Spirit Collector’s Edition
Release date: August 11

Rumors of an age-old family curse begin spreading after a member of the Williams family dies. Is there really a curse or was the murderer just using it as a front for some other malicious means? Find out as you uncover the truth by finding hidden objects and solving puzzles.

The Collector’s Edition provides a more in-depth experience and includes an exciting chapter not found in the regular version of the game! You’ll also have the chance to interrogate a number of subjects to help you uncover a dark family secret.

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