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Have you ever wondered what happened to the legendary city of Atlantis? If the mystery is too much, then explore the exotic locations in Eternal Journey: New Atlantis Collector’s Edition on your quest to discover the truth behind the legend. If you still enjoy the world’s great wonders, but have more of an inkling for puzzle games, World’s Greatest Temples Mahjong features themes from temples all over the world.

Check out these fantastic games and more in this week’s list of new releases!

Kingdom Chronicles1. Kingdom Chronicles

Release date: July 22
A greedy villain has captured the homeland of John Brace and it’s up to you to help John thwart his enemy. As you work on restoring towns and villages throughout the kingdom, you’ll have the help of the workers, clerks and warriors. However, if you find yourself in need of a little extra help, you can get the Strategy Guide. Save the princess from the villain and restore peace to your homeland.

The Collector’s Edition includes bonus features not found in the regular game, including bonus gameplay and an art gallery.

Love Eternal New Atlantis CE2. Eternal Journey: New Atlantis Collector’s Edition

Release date: July 23

What happened to the city of Atlantis? Did it sink, was it abducted by aliens? In this Hidden Object Adventure game, you can find out by solving the greatest archeological puzzle of all time! Travel through stunning locations, ranging from the depths of the Atlantic Ocean to Mars, as you find clues and face tough puzzles on your journey to unravel the great mystery behind the lost city.

The Collector’s Edition includes goodies not found in the regular game, including extra gameplay content, beautiful wallpapers and gorgeous concept art.

Wonder World3. Wonder World

Release date: July 24

Wonder World lets you take a trip to a magical place filled with mystery, but it’s no pleasant vacation. You must help Jessica save her husband’s soul from the clutches of a vile witch. Help her navigate through the hidden object-filled adventure that takes you out of the ordinary world and into a magical world of intrigue!

Worlds Greatest Temples Mahjong4. World’s Greatest Temples Mahjong

Release date: July 25

Are you mystified by the world’s greatest temples? If you’re hungry to learn more, World’s Greatest Temples Mahjong is the educational treat to fill your craving for Mahjong and knowledge. And, with seven different game modes, you’ll have plenty of Mahjong to fill your puzzle-solving needs.

Syberia Part 25. Syberia – part 2

Release date: July 25

If you haven’t already, check out the first part of the adventure in Syberia – part 1. Otherwise, head right into the next chapter in this adventure-puzzle game! Hans Voralberg, the last heir of a manufacturing estate has gone missing in the wilds of Syberia and it’s up to you to help Kate Walker find him. As you guide Kate through a variety of beautiful locations, you’ll be treated to the game’s soundtrack and meet interesting characters, complete with voicovers!

Note: If you own the original Syberia, this is the same adventure.

Jane Austens Pride and Prejudice6. Live Novels: Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice

Release date: July 26

Take a trip through the world of Victorian intrigue as you jump straight in Jane Austen’s famous novel. You’ll get to meet classic characters such as the single (and wealthy) Charles Bingley and his friend, Mr. Darcy. Find hidden objects as well as not-so-hidden romances as you explore England in the 1800s.

Surface the Noise She Couldnt Make CE7. Surface: The Noise She Couldn’t Make Collector’s Edition

Release date: July 27

An unconscious girl is found on a stretch of highway. The only object next to her: a bloody knife. Is she a victim or an assailant? Doctors are baffled when treatment doesn’t work and the girl doesn’t wake up. They call you, a well-known psychic, to unravel the mystery by entering the girl’s mind!

As you go through the game’s many twists and turns, you’ll earn achievements for your progress.

Fierce Tales the Dogs Heart8. Fierce Tales: The Dog’s Heart

Release date: July 28

A strange pack of dogs is attacking the town of Houndspoint. The citizens are confused because they’ve always gotten along so well with their canine friends. After your dog, Pippa, is kidnapped, you must get to the bottom of the mystery and find out why the strange pack of dogs is so organized. Unravel the cruel love story hidden behind the mystery in this exciting Hidden Object game!

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