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Have you quenched your thirst for adventure lately? Join Annha in Pirates of New Horizons: Planet Buster and sate your cravings for adventure, pirates and Match 3 games at the same time! And nothing completes a full helping of adventure quite like a smooth, delicious cup of coffee. Show off your aptitude at Time Management games by helping Jo build the perfect coffee shop in Jo’s Dream: Organic Coffee.

Check out these awesome games and more in this week’s list of new releases!

Infected the Twin Vaccine1. Infected: The Twin Vaccine

Release date: July 29

A new breed of virus has created a deadly epidemic! The key to stopping the tenacious disease may lie in its origin. The first reported case of the outbreak was found in twin sisters Tiffany and Theresa Morrisey. But uncovering the mystery behind the origin of the disease may prove tricky. Tiffany didn’t survive the illness. Her sister, Theresa, did, but she has gone missing in the now-abandoned city of Oxford. Find clues scattered around the city to locate the lost girl and solve the mystery behind the epidemic before it’s too late!

If you find yourself getting stumped, check out the Strategy Guide for a complete walkthrough and in-game screenshots to get you back on track.

Cases of Stolen Beauty2. Cases of Stolen Beauty
Release date: July 30

Journalist Eva Sanders finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time. While writing for a well-known European magazine, she starts witnessing strange events and finds herself in the middle of an evil conspiracy! Find hidden objects to discover who is behind the evil plot and uncover the truth before the vile plan can be completed.


Pirates of New Horizons Planet Buster3. Pirates of New Horizons: Planet Buster
Release date: July 31

What could make a good Match 3 game even better? Pirates! And not just your every-day swashbuckling adventurers; space pirate Annha is looking for treasure and you’ve got to help her! Trigger chain reactions by rearranging planets, but be sure to loot plenty of gold along the way – after all, what good is playing as a pirate if there’s no loot? After you’ve developed your sea legs in the 48 normal levels, there are 18 additional challenge levels for you to ascend as a puzzle-solving, pirate legend!

Secrets of the Titanic4. Secrets of the Titanic 1912 – 2012
Release date: August 1

Eva and her family take a cruise ship that follows the same path as the Titanic. However, Eva discovers a link between past and present, and begins having flashbacks of being on the Titanic as her grandmother. Should Eva try to save the ill-fated ship and change the direction of history? Help her solve the mystery behind the tragic journey in this exciting Hidden Object game!


Jos Dream Organic Coffee5. Jo’s Dream: Organic Coffee
Release date: August 2

Are you still having trouble finding the best coffee place? Get the perfect froth in your cappuccino in this Time Management game! Help Jo live her dream by building the perfect organic coffee shop. Invite musicians to play and entertain guests, attract celebrities and serve up some high-quality java. If you’re the completionist type, you’ll also get to earn 19 achievements throughout the game.


Redemption Cemetery Grave Testimony6. Redemption Cemetery: Grave Testimony Collector’s Edition
Release date: August 3

A strange twist of fate strands you on an eerie island, proving once more that fate can be cruel. After searching for a way to escape, you meet an otherworldly boatman who tells you the only way you can get off the island alive is by helping three of the spirits trapped there! Turn fate in your favor by traveling through history and helping those poor souls right the wrongs of so many years ago.

The Collector’s Edition includes content not found in the regular version, including bonus gameplay, a downloadable soundtrack and amazing art extras!

Grim Facade Sinister Obsession7. Grim Facade: Sinister Obsession
Release date: August 4

The maid of a wealthy family summons you to a lush vineyard, but you quickly discover it’s no carefree vacation. When you arrive, the maid gives you a diary that details the murders of three women. Can you find clues to uncover the identity of the killer? All signs point to a member of the Conti family, but not everything is as it seems. Signor Conti and his sons are away, leaving a mystery that you must unravel before the murderer can add pages to the diary.

Get the Collector’s Edition for a more in-depth gaming experience, complete with an integrated Strategy Guide, bonus content and concept art!

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