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Don’t worry if you’re not a town-building, gnome-saving sensation, this week’s collection of new releases has a mix of strategy, puzzle, adventure and Hidden Object Games for your enjoyment. Here’s this week’s list to see if something strikes your fancy.

Howlville the Dark Past1. Howlville: The Dark Past

Release date: July 8
You’ve probably heard of a government conspiracy or two – Area 51, anyone? But it’s not really a conspiracy if it’s true!

Fifteen years ago, a government experiment went wrong, leaving Rachel’s father, Dr. Joseph, missing. The government sought to erase traces of the experiment, and classified all associated documents. Help Rachel uncover the secret behind her dark past as you explore the mysteries lurking in the town of Howlville.

Ghost Whisperer2. Ghost Whisperer

Release date: July 9

Take on the role of Melinda Gordon and meet other characters from the hit TV show! As you explore a range of Hidden Object scenes, you’ll meet ghosts that you can help into the light. Help the lost souls come to terms with their afterlives by solving their unfinished business and uncovering the mysteries that still bind them to this world.

Cargo Flight 8213. Severe Incident: Cargo Flight 821

Release date: July 10

The good news is that you’ve found a new planet. The bad news is that it might not be so easy to get off that new planet. Your plane has crashed, leaving you stranded on an unknown planet. It looks as though it may have been inhabited at one time, but now the wild terrain is home to dangerous creatures! With the help of your robot companion Oscar, use your puzzle solving skills to find out what happened. Watch out for the island’s wildlife, though!

Gnomes Home the Great Crusade4. A Gnome’s Home: The Great Crystal Crusade

Release date: July 11

The land of the gnomes was a prosperous kingdom. Under the guidance of their magical crystal, the kingdom was filled with happiness and wealth. But, an evil witch bent on spreading misery throughout the kingdom stole the artifact, and now you must help the gnomes get it back. Put your strategic mind to the test in this time management game, complete with 65 levels!

Loves Epitaph5. Love’s Epitaph

Release date: July 12

Love’s Epitaph follows the story of Lysa, who is being pursued by a mysterious organization. This game takes you back to the days of turn-based roleplaying games, where you must strategically use your skills to defeat your enemies. Help Lysa evade the dark organization as she attempts to learn more about those pursuing her.

6. The Promised Land

The Promised LandRelease date: July 12

Have you ever wondered how settlers managed to tame the new world? Now you can find out! Help a group of settlers tame an entirely new world by using your time management skills to construct buildings and collect the resources the colonies need to thrive. Show those uncharted lands whose boss as you lead the settlers to glory!


Grim Tales the Wish CE7. Grim Tales: The Wishes Collector’s Edition

Release date: July 13

Grim Tales: The Wishes Collector’s Edition is the tale of a wish gone bad. Your sister’s son ages and withers before her very eyes! As you begin exploring the truth, you discover a dark bargain has been made and you must unravel the rest of the mystery before it’s too late! Discover the key to saving your nephew’s life in this adventure-filled Hidden Object game.

The Collector’s Edition includes goodies that can’t be found in the regular version of the game, including bonus gameplay content, a musical soundtrack and integrated Strategy Guide!

Royal Detective Lord of Statues8. Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues

Release date: July 14

The town of Martlet has been taken over by sentient statues! The secret to why these statues have come to life lies in the story of Princess, the young girl who was mysteriously left on the statue maker’s doorstep. To find the truth behind the living statues, you’ll need to uncover the history of Princess and the events that brought her to Martlet.

The Collector’s Edition offers a more in-depth experience, with bonus content not found in the original version and an integrated Strategy Guide.

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