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A long-dead pirate romance in Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart brings plenty of heart-pumping action and intrigue to this week’s collection of new releases. If a pirate’s life isn’t for you, Paris Mahjong could take the edge off with a relaxing night steeped in French culture. Check out these games and more with this week’s new releases!

eastville-chronicles-the-drama-queen1. Eastville Chronicles: The Drama Queen Murder

Release date: June 10

Phantoms aren’t the only things haunting opera houses these days. The curtains have drawn at the Eastville Opera House, and they’re hiding a murder mystery! As the new investigator, it’s your job to interrogate subjects and search for Hidden Object clues to find out who Scaramouch was. The path to discovering the identity of the murderer of Dolores Molinero, the Queen of Drama is filled with twists, passion and intrigue!

haunted-hotel-charles-dexter-ward2. Haunted Hotel: Charles Dexter Ward Collector’s Edition

Release date: June 11

Your twin prizes his necklace so much that he never takes it off, but there is just one problem: You have the necklace, and there’s no sign of your twin! Explore the eerie swampland as you make your way to an abandoned hotel, but, be careful, there is necromancy afoot!

The Collector’s Edition has a few extras you won’t find in the standard version, including bonus gameplay, concept art and an integrated strategy guide.

paris-mahjong3. Paris Mahjong

Release date: June 12

Ready for a relaxed evening of puzzle solving? Paris Mahjong features a relaxed mode, for when you just want to shoot the breeze and enjoy a night of French culture. If you’re in the mood for a laugh, adventure mode gives you puzzle-solving action with a comedic story centered around Marie’s action-packed day in the French capital, and you’ll have plenty of puzzles ahead of you with the game’s 60 levels!

toy-defense4. Toy Defense

Release date: June 12

How is your military strategy? Don’t worry, we won’t send you to the front lines, but we’ll let you command an army of toy soldiers in this tower defense game. As a military leader at the height of World War I, you’ll have to protect your base through 48 levels by building towers and upgrading your units. This one has a little something for the completionist, with 16 achievements to earn!

mays-mysteries-the-secret-of-dragonville5. May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville

Release date: June 13

May and her brother Tery decide to take a pleasant hot air balloon ride, but things go askew when their balloon crashes and Tery decides to search for help alone. Help May search for her brother through 80 unique locations using your puzzle-solving skills.

May’s Mysteries: The Secret of Dragonville offers puzzles for just about every type of puzzle solver. The more than 270 mini games include logic puzzles, rhythm games and even Hidden Object scenes!

dark-alleys-penumbra-motel6. Dark Alleys: Penumbra Motel

Release date: June 14

A road trip goes wrong when your friend’s daughter is kidnapped at the Penumbra Motel, and you’ll have to uncover the secret behind the motel’s dark history to find her! Search the motel grounds for hidden objects and solve puzzles to uncover what is haunting the descendants of the Penumbra family.

The Collector’s Edition includes bonus content, such as the original soundtrack. If you’re hungry for a more in-depth puzzle-solving experience, check it out!

royal-detective-the-lord-of-statues7. Royal Detective: The Lord of Statues Collector’s Edition

Release date: June 15

Who would enchant an army of statues to take over the town of Martlet? Find out who the mystery enchanter is by uncovering the story of Princess, the young girl who was left at the statue maker’s doorstep. Uncover the young girl’s history before the unearthly statues destroy the town!

The Collector’s Edition includes bonus gameplay, wallpapers, concept art and an integrated strategy guide.

nightmares-from-the-deep-the-cursed-heart8. Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart

Release date: June 16

It’s a pirate’s life for you, er – well, it’s a pirate’s unlife anyway. An undead pirate has kidnapped your daughter with the hopes of resurrecting long lost love! The haunting seas hold the mystery to saving your daughter, and you’ll have to explore both ruined fortresses and old catacombs to stop the vile scum from completing his goals.

The Collector’s Edition includes bonus gameplay, concept art, a complete soundtrack and an integrated strategy guide.

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