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If you’re in need of a vacation, sit back and enjoy the tropical delights of Hawaii in Big Kahuna Reef 3. If it has been a while since your brain has had a lexical workout, then Wordary could be the word game for you. Of course, we strive to bring you variety, so there is a healthy mix of Hidden Object, puzzle and time management games in this week’s batch of new releases!

Moment of Time Silentville1. 1 Moment of Time: Silentville

Release date: June 17

Not many people know about the town of Silentville, and now the curse of non-existence is extending into reality. Birds, airplanes, pedestrians and even the town’s visitors simply started disappearing! And it’s up to you to find out what happened. Explore the stunning graphics in a wide variety of Hidden Object scenes and complete mini games to figure why Silentville is fading from existence.


2. Wordary

Release date: June 18

This one is for the word game enthusiast with a soft spot for hexagons. Don’t worry, though, Wordary won’t test your geometry skills nearly as much as your lingual dexterity. Every board has hundreds of words for you to discover, and, with four game modes, there’s a challenge level for everyone!


Katy and Bob Way Back Home3. Katy and Bob: Way Back Home

Release date: June 18

Katy and bob find their vacation goes awry when they end up stranded! Since it’s not much of a vacation when you’re stuck at the destination, it’s up to you to help Katy and Bob build a refreshing tropical bar so they can earn their way back home. You can grow your own fruit to build a variety of refreshing cocktails and entertain your guests with fireworks in this time management game.

Big Kahuna Reef 34. Big Kahuna Reef 3

Release date: June 19

The third installment of Big Kahuna Reef takes you out of the deep, blue sea and into the tropical majesty of Hawaii. So kick back and enjoy a vacation in the untimed Relax mode. You can make a few Match 3 friends in multiplayer Mouse Party mode, and even build your own aquarium with “My Reef.”


Shaban5. Shaban

Release date: June 20

The shepherd Shaban’s sheep have been stolen (say that five times fast)! Follow the thief’s trail through a comic strip-style story and numerous Hidden Object scenes. With two playable characters, logic puzzles and 30 hand-drawn backgrounds, there is plenty for you to enjoy as you help Shaban find his sheep.


City of Fools6. City of Fools

Release date: June 21

Are you ready to make first contact with an alien species? Play as a journalist who is investigating a UFO landing in the small town of Tundel. There’s a little more to this adventure-puzzle game, though! The mayor is up to no good and is trying to cover up his misdeeds . Between puzzles and political scandals, you’ll have your hands full in City of Fools.

Warning – City of Fools contains adult themes and is intended for mature audiences.

Haunting Mysteries the Island of Lost Souls7. Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls

Release date: June 21

A malevolent and mysterious force brings down your plane, leaving it crashed on the Island of Lost Souls. At first, the island seems deserted, but you quickly discover the souls of the former inhabitants are still trapped there! You’ll have to use some tried and true hidden object spelunking to figure out what keeps the residents there. There are a few puzzles along the way, so make sure to keep your thinking caps on!

The Collector’s Edition includes bonus gameplay content and an integrated Strategy Guide, as well as some other perks for those of you who love extras, including concept art, wallpapers and a musical soundtrack.

Sisters Secrecy Arcanum Bloodlines Collectors Edition8. Sister’s Secrecy: Arcanum Bloodlines Collector’s Edition

Release date: June 22

This tale of two sisters leads Ariel to a backwater European town in search of her twin, Belle. Ariel realizes something isn’t quite right with the town as she listens to odd tales from the locals, who tell of bloodless bodies and mysterious silhouettes floating around in the night sky! You’ll have to figure out how these events are connected to Belle’s disappearance as you explore just what is going on in the strange town.

The Collector’s Edition includes additional game content and an integrated Strategy Guide.

Final Cut Death on the Silver Screen Collectors Edition9. Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen

Release date: June 23

Your father, a famous inventor, died under mysterious circumstances and now your brother has disappeared under even more bizarre circumstances. As if that weren’t enough, a villain threatens your family and demands you hunt down the secret to your father’s greatest invention.

But, to uncover the mystery of his magnificent invention, you have to return to the family mansion and find clues to piece together your father’s past.

The Collector’s Edition includes a more in-depth experience, complete with a bonus game, concept art and wallpapers!

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