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Hidden-object mysteries lurk behind many corners this week with “Theatre of the Absurd” and “Rite of Passage: The Perfect Show!” If you’re not in the mood for dark intrigue and unscrupulous characters, we’ve also released the quirky, light-hearted “Coronation Street: Mystery of the Missing Hotpot Recipe.”

Of course, we’ve got plenty of gameplay variety as well, so check out this week’s list of new releases to see if you’d like to play a Hidden Object, Match 3 or Time Management game!

1. Theatre of the Absurd

Release date: June 3

Dark arts specialist Scarlett Frost must outwit the the most vile forces the underworld can conjure in this Hidden Object game. The Hapsburg Cube – an ancient artifact that is said to imprison a Bablyonian demon – turns a lonely mountain theatre into a battleground between the forces of evil and the mind of Scarlett Frost. The Collector’s Edition includes bonus content and an integrated Strategy Guide.


2. Time Chronicles: The Missing Mona Lisa

Release date: June 4

Never mind whether the Mona Lisa is smiling, there’s an even bigger problem to solve! The Mona Lisa has been stolen and scattered throughout time, and it’s up to your sleuthing skills to solve the case. You’ll have to travel to more than 20 exotic destinations, from the Edo period in Japan to the Taj Mahal. Travel back and forth between past and present, see what changes and what is the same to uncover the mystery laid out by the elusive Time Chameleon.

3. Running Sheep: Tiny Worlds

Release date: June 5

The sheep are back in this Running Sheep sequel, and so are the mazes. Your goal is to safely lead the sheep to the exit. You’ll have to navigate a wide array of obstacles to get the sheep home. Although there aren’t many aliens to avoid in this one, there are 250 more levels to provide hours of brain-teasing gameplay!


4. Coronation Street: Mystery of the Missing Hotpot Recipe

Release date: June 5

What is it with cooks always trying to steal each other’s recipes? You’d think it would be better for an upstart pub to craft its own delicious treats, but that doesn’t seem to be The Weatherfield Arms’ intentions. Don’t let the the rival pub steal Betty’s secret (and famous!) hotpot recipe. Pieces of the recipe have been scattered throughout various locations on Coronation Street, and your job is to help find them before The Weatherfield Arms does. You’ll get to visit many of the iconic Coronation Street locations as you progress through 24 hidden-object levels.

5. Experiment

Release date: June 6

What…where am I? Sophie asks as she wakes up in a strange, empty room. She begins receiving messages from a scientist, who informs her she must conduct an experiment for him. You’ll help Sophie uncover her lost memories by using your match 3-skills to complete the experiment, but, the more Sophie remembers, the more she realizes things might take a turn for the worse!


6. Build-a-lot: Fairy Tales

Release date: June 7

Another sequel to the No. 1 action/arcade game of 2007 Build-a-lot is here! If you’ve mastered the real estate market in the real world, it’s time to take your time management skills to the next level by building mystical structures in a land filled with your favorite storybook characters. “Build-a-lot: Fairy Tales” features 65 new levels, magical enchantments and dragons! Careful, though, dragons are known for terrorizing towns, especially prosperous ones!

7. Rite of Passage: The Perfect Show Collector’s Edition

Release date: June 8

Children throughout the town of Everlake keep going missing. After one of your students is mysteriously abducted, you take matters into your own hands by shifting from teacher to detective.  You’ll get to meet many interesting characters. Be careful, though, not everyone in Everlake is what they seem. The old puppet theater and its mysterious patron stand at the center of the chaos. Uncover the mystery behind The Perfect Show.

The Collector’s Edition includes an integrated Strategy Guide, bonus content and wallpapers.

8. Fabled Legends: The Dark Piper

Release date: June 9

Fables and fairy tales and adventure, oh my! The Dark Piper has come into possession of the Pied Piper’s flute. He’s not using it for the good of the town, though – he’s using it to unleash a plague of infested rodents!

If you think you can’t get enough fable-driven mystery, check out the Collector’s Edition, which includes bonus gameplay content and concept art!

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