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This week brings a good balance to your gaming diet with a little family-friendly puzzle solving in Mermaid Adventures: The Magic Pearl and a hefty helping of spooky mysteries and family secrets from Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen. We’ve also brought back a classic with Slingo Supreme 2!

1. Top Secret Finders

Release date: May 20

Government conspiracies, hidden objects and top secrets, oh my! Top Secret Finders puts you in the role of an agent working for a highly classified division of the government. Your first mission will be to save a small town from a device of doom, but you’ll have to put your skills to the test to find out just what the government is up to!


2. Mermaid Adventures: The Magic Pearl

Release date: May 21

If you’re in the mood for some family-friendly matching action, Mermaid Adventures features classic Match 3 gameplay with a light-hearted tone. Help Alice and Crabby the crab track down the Magic Pearl before its absence creates storms that bring havoc upon the ships sailing the water’s surface.


3. Haunting Mysteries: The Island of Lost Souls Collector’s Edition

Release date: May 21

An unfortunate plane crash leaves you marooned on The Island of Lost Souls! Although the island seems deserted, you’ll discover its former inhabitants are still there, trapped on the island as spirits. The game features a good mix of puzzle solving and Hidden Object scenes, as well as a plot arc to reunite long lost love! The collector’s edition includes concept art, wallpapers and screensavers and the complete musical soundtrack.


4. Whispered Stories: Sandman

Release date: May 22

Go back to the time of tweed frock coats, bell-shaped skirts and corsets. Whispered Stories: Sandman takes place in Victorian London. James must save his girlfriend, but the dastardly Sandman gets in the way by putting a spell on him! Before James can finish his quest, he must find a way to cure the Sandman’s spell.


5. Running Sheep

Release date: May 23

Aliens are abducting helpless sheep, and you have to help them escape in Running Sheep. Using moveable arrows, guide the sheep through each level and to the exit before time runs out. With adjustable difficulty and 61 total levels, you’re sure to have many hours of puzzle-solving ahead.



6. Jewel Quest Mysteries: The Oracle of Ur

Release date: May 23

Oracle of Ur is the fourth game in the Jewel Quest Mysteries series. Help Emma, Sebastian and Rupert find the Oracle of Ur, the most sought after jewel board of all time! You’ll be able to play as any of the three heroes in this Hidden Object game. Oracle of Ur also has something for the puzzle-solving enthusiast, with Match 3 mini-games.


7. Snark Busters: High Society

Release date: May 24

Following the Snark Busters tradition, Snark Busters: High Society features some puzzles, some quirky humor and a lot of Hidden Object goodness. High Society places you in the role of a wealthy socialite, and you’ll have to use your puzzle-solving skills to clear your fiance’s name. Snark Busters features mini-games and five full chapters of dastardly upper class plots!


8. Slingo Supreme 2

Release date: May 25

Part slots and part Bingo, Slingo Deluxe became the first downloadable version of Slingo. Slingo Supreme 2 presents the third installment of the game, with double the power-ups, awards and mini-games! Combined with classic Slingo power-ups, the game’s new ones will allow you to make more than 10 million combinations. Slingo Supreme 2 features high resolution graphics and an infinite number of daily challenges to give you plenty of gameplay to fill your Slingo needs.

9. Final Cut: Death on the Silver Screen Collector’s Edition

Release date: May 25

After your father’s mysterious death and the strange vanishing of your brother, you have to explore your family’s mansion to uncover parts of your father’s past you never knew. With two levels of difficulty, there is something for novices as well as advanced players. The game also features voiceovers and a full soundtrack. The collector’s edition has a bonus game and comes with other goodies like concept art and wallpapers.

10. Dark Dimensions: Wax Beauty

Release date: May 26

Dark Dimensions comes packed with mystery. In order to save the town, you’ll have to discover who the villain is. Detailed scenes, hidden objects, puzzles and two levels of difficulty provide some entertainment for multiple skill levels. If you’re the type who has to have it all, the collector’s edition includes bonus gameplay, wallpapers, concept art and an integrated strategy guide!

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