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San Diego Comic-Con is the world’s biggest pop-culture convention that I somehow miss every year.

I’ll watch my friends’ feeds from the front lines and be green with envy.

But if I was there, here’s what I would do.

Brush up on my convention etiquette.

Guy punching another guy in the face
Source: ckdecember via Deviantart

Not mess with this Marine…

Source: Rhino Neal via Flickr

or this helmeted Harley Quinn…

Harley Quinn
Source: Howie Muzika via Flickr

or this Sith Lord…

Sith Lord
Source: Jesse Means via Flickr

or this determined Thor…

Source: Howie Muzika via Flickr

or these Predators…

Source: Heath via Flickr

or this Merida.

Source: Howie Muzika via Flickr

Make friends with a real-life Companion Cube.

Portal Companion Cube
Source: Heath via Flickr

Have this Master Chef make me a sandwich.

Master Chief Chef
Source: Parka via Flickr

Ask what this adorable little Chestburster’s name is.

Alien Chestburster
Source: Howie Muzika via Flickr

Figure out a way to tactfully remind people to use deoderant.

Con Freshener Costume
Source: Howie Muzika via Flickr

Flirt with this Wolverine…

Source: Franki T via Flickr

and this Wolverine…

Source: Howie Muzika via Flickr

and definitely this Wolverine.

Hugh Jackman
Source: Adrien Noterdaem via Flickr

Tell this guy he’s pretty much the most accurate portrayal of an 8-Bit character in action ever.

Mega Man
Source: Howie Muzika via Flickr

Have booked a hotel room one year in advance.

Princess sleeping inside an R2-D2
Source: Matthew Mendoza via Flickr

Tell these Toasters that the smoke break is over and it’s time to get back to work.

Source: Heath via Flickr

Drag this Storm Trooper to a late-night dance and make him spin around in the middle of the dance floor under a spotlight.

Disco Storm Trooper
Source: Franki T via Flickr

Inform this girl that she’s going to die without comfortable shoes and that pallet of water she’s passing by.

Shoes and Water
Source: Christopher via Flickr

Fangirl over this indomitable mashup.

Velma and Wonder Woman
Source: Howie Muzika via Flickr

Have you been to Comic-Con? What would you do if you were there?

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