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Our smartphones are our constant companions. If you’re in line at the grocery store, chances are the people in front of you are looking at their phones.

What are those people doing? They might be reading the news or an e-book, or texting someone. But they’re just as likely to be playing a game. According to Forrester Research, Americans spend about 6 percent of their smartphone time playing video games. In fact, more people are playing mobile games than ever. 70 percent of U.S. mobile phone owners—or 60 percent of Americans—will play a mobile game in 2017, a number that’s gone up every year this century.

So where are people playing mobile games?

On the Couch


Game to play: Cooking Craze (iOS, Android)

Just because you can take a game with you doesn’t mean that you have to; sometimes the couch is the best place to plan what’s for dinner and Cooking Craze can definitely help gamers find food inspiration. As with every other gaming platform, most mobile gamers—60 percent—play on the couch at least part of the time.


On an Airplane


Game to play: Sky Gamblers: Storm Raiders (iOS, Android)

Air travel always means down time, so it makes sense that 50 percent of phone owners play games during their flight. With this air combat simulator, you can imagine that you’re flying a fighter in World War II, instead of sitting in coach between O’Hare and Atlanta.


In Bed


Game to play: Bedroom Planner (iOS, Android)

We use smartphones as alarm clocks, or we’re gaming on them right before bed. 45 percent of smartphone owners play games before bed. If you ever look around your bedroom and find that it comes up short, play with some new flourishes in this bedroom design game.


On the Toilet


Game to play: Super Mario Run (iOS, Android)

It’s best not to think too much about the 34 percent of phone owners who play on the can. All we’re going to say is that Mario is a plumber.


On the Train


Game to play: SteamPower1830 (iOS, Android)

The morning commute is the perfect place to game—we speak from experience on this one, as do 34 percent of smartphone owners. If you take a train to work, you might enjoy building train lines.


At Work


Game to play: Mini Metro (iOS, Android)

You really shouldn’t play games at work, even if 24 percent of smartphone owners do it. But on your lunch break, try Mini Metro, which you can play without sound.

At the Dentist


Game to play: Pet Dentist Office (iOS, Android)

This seems difficult to do on laughing gas, but 20 percent of smartphone owners play games at the dentist.

At the Gym


Game to play: NBA 2K17 (iOS, Android)

What better way to pass the time on an exercise bike than with a mobile game? 11 percent of smartphone owners play at the gym. Pretend you’re training for the NBA Finals while you hit the elliptical.

Source: Forrester Research, via Techcrunch.

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