Where To Live During A Zombie Outbreak: Is Your Country Safe?

In case of a Zombie emergency, it is important that you and your family have an optimal chance of survival. Based on the latest data, weather patterns, structural standards, population, known bomb-shelters, and oil reserves, we are fairly certain of this map’s accuracy. We encourage you and your families to head to the top 10 safest countries (shown below in black) in the event of the zombie apocalypse. If we are wrong, we do not take responsibility for any death or undeadness that may result from following our suggestions.

Just in case you don’t like interactive infographics. Here’s a handy list for you to reference in desperate times.

  • 1) Australia
  • 2) Canada
  • 3) United States
  • 4) Russia
  • 5) Kazakhstan
  • 6) Bolivia
  • 7) Norway
  • 8) Finland
  • 9) Argentina
  • 10) Sweden