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Today we are pleased to welcome Brian Thompson as our guest blogger. Brian is the Art Director for the Drawn game series. Brian was kind enough to take time out of his busy schedule to tell us about the people behind the development of Drawn: Dark Flight. Take it away, Brian!

Thanks, Felix! We’re extremely pleased with the reception Dark Flight has received from our fans. I wanted to take this opportunity to share a bit about the amazing individuals that make up the Drawn team. They worked tirelessly to make this a special game and I’m very proud of them all. With that…

Like a vivid splash of color in the Drawn world, Sean Richer brings humor and color to the team. Sean’s unique style straddles the border of brilliance and absurdity and gives us countless laughs daily. Sean is never afraid to voice an idea no matter how bizarre and the Drawn world is often just the home for these unique flights of fancy. As well as being the scripting muscle behind many of the games’ scenes, Sean also undertook the daunting task of getting all of the music and sound effects from our audio partners, Clean Cuts, into the game.

Drawn: Dark Flight Development Team

Left to Right: Sean Richer, Peter Yiap, Soi Che, Rachel Weil, Brian Thompson, Rebecca Coffman, Hamzah Kasom Osman, Chris Campbell, Mike Baran


Peter Yiap is Drawn’s Lead Developer. He is calm and collected, thoughtful and astute, shrewd and unquestioningly reliable. He is responsible for the entire project from a programming standpoint, including its functionality, stability, and optimal performance. But beyond the seemingly endless software responsibilities, Peter also keeps Chris and I on earth when our heads are in the clouds and contributes immensely to the design of the game. Quite simply, without Peter we would be lost.

Possessing a built-in camera, Soi Che, is the draftsman and illustrator behind some of the most perspective-bending scenes you can imagine. The “off-kilter and skewed” art direction that I pushed for with Drawn, found a whole new home with Soi. He has masterfully produced the majority of the town and kingdom scenes in Dark Flight, imbuing them with the sharp stony angles, and askew windows that are a hallmark of the game. Behind the lightning fast pencil and boldly designed scenes, Soi is an honest and humble, but perfecting, artist.

Arguably some of Drawn’s most unique puzzles have come from the mind of developer Rachel Weil. Rachel came to Big Fish Games straight out of Digipen Institute of Technology and found herself in a very challenging situation. Forced to learn a new engine built from an archaic architecture, Rachel took the challenge head on and worked tirelessly. Now along with her fellow mind-twisting puzzle creators, she helps keep Drawn sharp and challenging while constantly keeping Chris and I on our toes when it comes to story.

Rebecca Coffman brings the Drawn world to life. She weaves the magic of animation through the cold stone halls, the bright vivid paintings, and the cinematic cut-scenes of the game. Rebecca’s characters ranging from the witch doctor in Drawn: The Painted Tower, to the rabbit and squirrel in Dark Flight bring a sense of wonder and imagination to the world, while her shadow creatures and smoke ravens give Dark Flight its sense of menace and evil. Possessing that unique blend of the technical and creative, Rebecca keeps tabs on every detail and at the same time offers wonderfully genuine and insightful perspective on story and narrative. And she also came up with the name Drawn!

Hamzah Kasom Osman has the warmest, biggest smile you’ve ever seen, and he is an amazing painter, draftsman, and designer on top of it. Over the past couple of years Hamzah has designed some of the most memorable scenes in Drawn, from The Farm to The Shipwreck Island, and some of the most challenging puzzles. He has proven himself to be one of the most versatile artists on the team.

Drawn’s Senior Producer and Designer Chris Campbell, is my brother-in-arms on this project. A core gamer at heart, Chris is a wealth of ideas, energy and optimism. Below the charismatic southern surface burns a strong minded, passionate visionary and brand builder. Chris is the perfect partner and teammate; Always there to support and encourage while maintaining high expectations. In my opinion, it’s this blend that makes Chris such a strong leader. I am grateful each day to be able to come in to work with ‘Uncle Roll Tide’ as my kids will learn to call him. Thankfully, when the wild, dreamy, and nearly unintelligible ideas start pouring out of our brains, we seem to understand each other and see eye to eye!

Mike Baran has been a Drawn animator off and on from the game’s inception. No matter the task, Mike attacks it with his characteristic passion and a smile. As a traditionally trained animator, Mike relishes the opportunity to jump in and hand animate everything from characters to props. From the Lamplighter to the Book Bridge, Mike’s animations have given Dark Flight some of its most memorable moments.

As you can see the team is as varied and unique as the game itself. In fact, without this wonderful blend of personalities the world of Drawn would not exist.

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