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Fairway SolitaireOk, maybe ‘better’ isn’t the proper word. We’re not trying to prove casual gaming is better than golf…just more casual.

With summer now upon us, we thought it would be fun to do a little compare / contrast between gaming and golf – two highly regarding means of relaxation.

For some people, a relaxing afternoon consists of a sunny day on the links chasing after the ever elusive birdie. Our idea of a relaxing afternoon, on the other hand, is listening to the rain fall outside (we’re in Seattle, remember) while we play through our favorite computer game.

That being said, we wanted this to be fair so we’re going to take the time to put gaming and gold head-to-head to see which is the true master of the casual domain.

It’s important to clarify we’re attempting to identify the more casual game. When we think of casual, we think of relaxation and down time. With that said, let’s tee off…

Learning Curve

To be a successful golfer, it takes years of practice, costly lessons, and innumerable trips to the driving range. Gaming on the other hand gets the average gamer up to speed in a day or two – and all from the comfort of your living room.


Physical Strain

Want to play a round of golf? You better be in some kind of shape. It’s likely you’ll be walking at least a couple miles possibly in the hot sun. Nevermind the twisting and turning implored upon your back when you hit the ball. Want to a play a computer game? If you have the strength to operate a keyboard and a mouse, you’re pretty much good to go.


Mental Strain

Depending on the game, puzzles and hidden object scenes can be challenging. However, we’ve all played games that were really easy. That being said, I haven’t run across any golf courses I could just breeze through. Whether teeing off, chipping, or putting, golf seems to always require a high level of mental focus.



Depending on where you live golf may or may not be an option as a year round activity. It’s pretty difficult to play a round of nine in a foot of snow or in the midst of a downpour. Furthermore, it’s pretty rare to hear about someone playing golf at night.



If we consider the base costs of entering into golf or gaming, they are pretty comparable. A nice set of golf clubs likely costs approximately the same as a nice computer. Similarly, a cheap set of golf clubs is similar in cost to a cheap computer.

Beyond the entry costs, however, we need to look at repeatable play.

At most golf courses, a round of golf is at least four to five times the cost of a computer game. Moreover, a round of golf offers no repeat play. Once you’re done…you’re done. Want to play that round again? You better swing by the ATM machine first.



While we thought the competition would be much closer, it’s clear by our scientific analysis of casual gaming and golf that the former is the true game of relaxation.

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