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Whether you’re a mobile gamer or a proud smartphone geek, chances are, you are either a fan of Android or iOS. We’ve already taken a look at how Android and its games fared in 2014, now let’s turn an eye toward iOS to investigate mobile gaming statistics for the platform and its performance in 2014.

1. Apple leads in worldwide revenue over Android.

Android may boast more users and even more app downloads, but iOS maintains a cushy lead in worldwide revenue. In Q1 2014, the iOS App Store generated approximately 85% more revenue than Google Play. Increased revenue in the United States and United Kingdom lessened the iOS/Google Play divide last quarter, however. While the gap differs from month to month, Google Play has yet to reach the same level of sheer profit that the iOS App Store has.

2. China is a key player in iOS growth and profit.

So far this year, China has proven to be an active and booming market for iOS App Store growth. Overall revenue increased 70% quarter-over-quarter and data shows impressive gains in both revenue and downloads. With much of Southeast Asia’s consumer base siding with Android, having major player in that market is a huge plus for Apple.

3. Games are the greatest money maker in the iOS App Store.

According to Techcrunch, gaming apps represent 75% of iOS App Store revenue. The vast majority of these funds, 92%, comes from in-app purchases within free games. Paid apps without in-app purchases represent 6.1% of the gaming category revenue and 2% is from paid apps with in-app purchases. Besides games, Entertainment and Social Networking apps remain profitable and popular categories in the App Store in 2014.

4. Clash of Clans is the top grossing iOS mobile game.

As of July 2014, Clash of Clans, a mobile MMO strategy game published by Finish company Supercell ranked number one as the top grossing iOS mobile gaming app. It’s estimated that the title was generating about 1.22 million U.S. dollars daily in revenue. Some of the frontrunners include Candy Crush Saga, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, and Game of War – Fire Age.

5. Asian game publishers are gaining popularity in the iOS App Store.

Three of the top five iOS publishers are companies from Asia – Tencent, GungHo, and Naver Japan. Compared to the same time last year, that number was zero. This is just one example of the region’s growing relevance to Apple’s smartphone revenues. Japan and China in particular have become quite notable on iOS charts over the past year. April numbers show iOS game revenues grew by 22% in China, and 18% in Japan over the previous month.

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