Zombie Attacks: A Story in Photos

We’ve been showing you a great deal of strategies and scenarios to help you prepare for the zombie apocalypse. What we haven’t shown you are actual real life examples so you can know how to behave when threatened by zombies. We’ve established that you should probably flee somewhere remote with few people. The fewer people around you, the less zombies to threaten you.
So, how should you act when confronted by a few zombies? Check out the photos below to discover what NOT to do and what TO do. You may think that these tips are no-brainers (see what we did there?) but it’s never bad to review! Stay alert. Be aware. Have a weapon handy. Always have someone on the lookout. Don’t allow yourself to be distracted even for a moment. It could cost you your life.


Zombies can appear when you least expect them.

They may have been human once upon a time.

But they are no longer

There is nothing human about these zombies.

Even wandering in the most beautiful of settings.

They can’t even communicate with each other.

These are two unsuspecting campers.

Two evil zombies.

They’re really evil. Trust us.

Two really unsuspecting campers.

Please don’t ever be this unsuspecting. Even if there weren’t zombies.

We would highly suggest you not ever leave yourself this open for attack.

Otherwise this will happen.

These campers were doomed from the start because of their lack of preparation.

Trust us, we’re just trying to save you this terror.

This is just sad.

Watching the defeat of these campers makes me sad.

We should probably move onto a slightly better outlook for these campers.

Okay, this looks better. Both campers are awake and alert.

They are aware of their surroundings and prepared for attack.

Now they are the ones doing the ambushing.

They are the hunters, no longer the hunted.

It’s not too difficult to take zombies by surprise.

Not that they really get surprised.

Since they’re zombies.

These campers are strong.

They’re fighters.

The campers will survive.

Thank you to Arielle Lien (Definitely check out her cosplay adventures here) and Justin Johns for makeup, Aaron Ostrowsky for photography, Justin Christman, Mariah Bell, Jessica Chappell, and Alan Perry for acting, and Krista Lofgren for directing.

And a BIG thank you to REI for the use of their camping gear, without which our campers may have been in real danger!

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