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Zuma's Revenge Adventure
If you’re struggling to complete Zuma’s Revenge, we’re here to help!

Beyond the obvious tips (“play more”, “try harder”, “focus”), we’ve put together a list of tricks we feel Zuma gamers will find particularly useful during gameplay.

That being said, there really is no substitute for experience…sometimes you just have to play, play, play.


Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When getting started in Zuma’s Revenge, you’ll want to take it slow and focus on mastering the controls. The more accurate you are with the balls and the more efficient you are with your shots, the better off you’ll be as the game progresses.

Learn, Baby, Learn

In order to make the best choices in Zuma’s Revenge, you need to understand the basic principles of the gameplay. As you start the game, pay close attention to the ball groups you are destroying. Learning to make good decisions will help improve you efficiency. This is critical as gameplay will speed up with every new level.

Who’s on Deck

Did you know the frog hold two balls at any given time? You can see the ball that is in the frog’s mouth (the ball you are shooting), but you can see the ball that is “on deck” as well. Just look at the color on top of the frog’s head. Furthermore, these two balls can be switched. Pay close attention to the “on deck” ball as they often are better candidates for firing.

Take a Breather

The best way to catch a break in the Zuma games is to achieve a “Zuma”. This is when the orange progress bar at the top of the screen is completely filled. When this happens, the balls will slow down, stop, and actually move backward for a bit. This is your chance to take a quick mental break and assess the situation. This is a good time to leverage the Who’s on Deck tip.

Bonus Bucks

There are a number of bonuses that can be earned in Zuma’s Revenge. Each requires a different strategy and should be implemented at different times during gameplay. We’ve taken the time to break down each below.

Fruit Bonus: Simply put, fruit offer your best chance for scoring points. This is important to remember as you get further along in Zuma’s Revenge as the game gets harder. Fruit will always lie directly behind balls on the curve. This makes them tricky to hit. However, but shooting two balls in rapid sequence (both directly at the fruit), you should be able to hit the fruit. The first ball will open a gap the second ball can pass through.

Zuma's Revenge Fruit Bonus

Fruit Bonus

Combo Bonus: Balls of the same color attract each other. This is key in making combos. Any time you see groups of colors separated by an off color, take advantage of the opportunity to create a combo. With each successive combo, the bonus becomes greater and greater. Combos are rather unpredictable and are more of a passive strategy that players should take advantage of whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Zuma's Revenge Combo Bonus

Combo Bonus

Chain Bonus: Chaining together explosions represents another way to increase the bonus level. Five or more consecutive explosions is considered a chain. Starting with the fifth explosion, the bonus will begin to increase. This bonus is the easiest bonus to trigger and, as a result, offers the least in terms of points. You’ll find the best time to score chain bonuses is on levels featuring a double curve.

Zuma's Revenge Chain Bonus

Chain Bonus

Gap Bonus: The Gap Bonus is related to the Fruit Bonus in that it relies on the shooting two balls in rapid sequence. The first ball opens the gap and the second ball passes through the gap. The smaller the gap, the greater the bonus. It should be noted that if the the ball that passes through the gap also creates an explosion, the bonus is even greater.

Zuma's Revenge Gap Bonus

Gap Bonus

End Level Bonus: Upon completing a level, a bonus is awarded based on the distance from the last destroyed ball to the entrance of the skull’s mouth. The farther from the skull’s mouth, the higher the bonus.

Zuma's Revenge End Level Bonus

End Level Bonus

Ace Time Bonus: Every level has a unique Ace Time. If the player can finish the level in a time equal to or faster than the Ace Time, they are awarded the Ace Time bonus.

Live Long and Prosper

It makes sense that having more lives in Zuma’s Revenge will equate to higher scores. Conversely, higher scores earn you more extra lives. Take advantage of bonuses to keep your game going as long as possible.

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