3 Minute Games

3 Minute Games
3 Minute Games was founded in 2014 to find new fun and hunt for hits. We’re building tons of small games, exploring all manner of mechanics, styles, and genres, limited by nothing but our imagination. Located in Seattle, we have a startup studio vibe paired with the secure backing of Big Fish.
Experiment to find the fun in everyone; making games that people love to play.
Stay nimble and learn something new every day!
Collaborate with a seasoned, multifaceted crew of passionate developers.
Enjoy work/life balance so you can do even more of what excites you at home.
Work on games in a broad variety of styles, mechanics, and genres.
Have real ownership and as much creative input as you can shake a stick at.

3 Minute Games Careers

There are currently no open positions for this studio. Please check our Careers section to view all available openings.