Liftoff Labs

Liftoff Labs
Liftoff Labs was formed in January 2016 to explore the cutting edge of VR. We have big ideas and all the creative freedom we need to realize them, as we forge ahead into the future on emerging VR platforms. We share office space with Self Aware Games in Oakland, where we enjoy the lovely Bay Area weather and the vibrant local neighborhood.
Tackle challenges that have never been solved before.
Gain expertise in a brand new, largely uncharted field.
Collaborate with a small, focused team and have true ownership over the work you do.
Innovate with novel game designs tailored to the strengths of VR.
Work on games with a wide variety of styles, genres, and core mechanics.
Enjoy strong work/life balance and have a great time doing what you love.

Liftoff Labs Careers

There are currently no open positions for this studio. Please check our Careers section to view all available openings.