SkyRocket Studios

SkyRocket Studios
SkyRocket Studios is the team within Big Fish responsible for creating chart topping casual mobile games like Fairway Solitaire, Fairway Solitaire Blast, and Cascade. Through a combination of rocket-fast internal development teams and solid second party partnerships, we are committed to developing innovative and engaging hit games for mobile. By applying our creative energy to solid technologies and rapidly iterating, we are developing fun and engaging games for large and ever-expanding groups of loyal fans. At SkyRocket, we work every day to delight our customers.
Our goals are focused on building creative teams with strong chemistry and then arming them with killer technology to make great games.
We’re working on midcore and casual games because it’s important to us to love the games we make!
We don’t believe in standardized teams because everybody has a different set of skills. We like to gel teams together based on these skills and allow our leaders to drive projects through creative passion.
We allow our people the opprtunity to grow into different roles.
We believe our second party partners should drive the creative vision, design, and development of their games so that we can both see success.
We only create original IP and are always protyping fresh, new game concepts and gaming experiences.

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