• Consumer Electronics Show (CES) Debuts

    1967 - Las Vegas, NV

    While this show is not open to the public, it is one of the premiere events announcing new product launches and innovations in the world of computers and electronics.

    Source: cesweb.org

  • GenCon Debuts

    1968 - Indianapolis, IN

    GenCon describes itself as, "...the original, longest-running, best-attended, gaming convention in the world!" Held over four days in Indiana, the con celebrates all things gaming.

    Source: gencon.com

  • Comic-Con International: San Diego Debuts

    1970 - San Diego, CA

    Originally a showcase for comics and fantasy, ComiCon has branched out to become one of the most diverse gatherings of pop culture, spanning genres from horror to science fiction to video games.

    Source: comic-con.org

  • Pong Debuts at Andy Capp's Tavern

    1972 - Sunnyvale, CA

    The installation of this video game in a local bar is part of gaming legend. While you couldn't call it a convention, the launch of Pong is one of the earliest public video game gatherings. Stories tell of how the game was so popular that it literally broke from the quarters being jammed into the machine within the first day.

    Source: classicgames.about.com

  • Origins Game Fair Debuts

    1975 - Columbus, OH

    Specifically geared around gaming, this con offers events including board games, minis, ccgs, rpgs, and an electronics room. The event also features the Origins Awards by the Academy of Gaming Arts and Design.

    Source: originsgames.com

  • Famicom Introduced to the U.S.

    1985 - Las Vegas, NV

    Nintendo Corporation introduces the Famicom entertainment center to U.S. audiences at CES. The consold would soon rise to fame as the re-named Nintendo Entertainment System.

    Source: en.wikipedia.org

  • First Events Guide to Comic Con

    July 1987 - San Diego, CA

    The official events guide makes its debut, marking the expansion and popularity of this con.

    Source: comic-con.org

  • DragonCon Debuts

    October 1987 - Atlanta, GA

    Founded by the Dragon Alliance of Gamers and Role Players, this convention hosts over 52,000 guests annually in a multigenre event. Video game events are sponsored by industry giants like Blizzard, Sony Online Entertainment, Bloware, and Epic Games including new product launches and a Heroes vs Villains sponsored ball.

    Source: dragoncon.org

  • Game Developers Conference Begins

    April 1988 - San Francisco, CA

    The largest annual gathering of video game developers featuring awards, tutorials, lectures, and round tables. Also included is an expo covering programming, design, and development topics.

    Source: gdconf.com

  • European Computer Trade Show Debuts

    Spring 1988 - London, England

    While this convention stopped running in 2004, it was an important convention of its time, attracting top industry gaming developers such as Blizzard Entertainment. The last convention was held in 2004, closing after 17 years in the industry.

    Source: en.wikipedia.org

  • A-Kon Launches

    1989 - Dallas, TX

    A-Kon describes itself as "...the oldest, continually running, anime-based convention in North America" and features both gaming and independent film.

    Source: a-kon.com

  • Anime Expo Debuts

    July 1992 - Los Angeles, CA

    Anime Expo describes itself as a four day event and the largest anime and manga convention in North America. Considered the second longest-running anime convention after A-Kon.

    Source: anime-expo.org

  • DEXCON Begins

    July 1993 - Morristown, NJ

    The host of several national and world gaming championships, DexCon launches in 1991 to an initial crowd of 550 attendees - a major draw compared to nearby longer-running conventions at the time.

    Source: dexposure.com

  • Digital Hollywood Debuts

    1994 - Las Vegas, NV & Marina Del Ray, CA

    A smartphone and tablet convention that is a branch of CES. Held twice a year in both California and Nevada, this event spans all things mobile and cross-platform technology, including gaming.

    Source: digitalhollywood.com

  • CD-ROM Unveiled at CES

    January 1995 - Philadelphia, PA

    While the CD-ROM itself may seem more important to personal computing than gaming, it allowed for the rise of a new adventure game genre including titles like Myst, King's Quest, and The Seventh Guest.

    Source: m.spokesman.com

  • Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) Debuts

    May 1995 - Los Angeles, CA

    A premiere trade show for computer and video game professionals; this convention features the latest innovations in consoles, handheld systems, mobile, social, and online gaming.

    Source: e3expo.com

  • Tokyo Game Show Debuts

    Spring 1996 - Chiba, Japan

    A large trade show and expo primarily focusing on Japanese games and their developers, but also features some international technologies.

    Source: tgs.cesa.or.jp

  • QuakeCon Debuts

    August 1996 - Garland, TX

    This convention is considered one of the premier video game tournaments in the United States and frequently called the "Woodstock" of gaming events. The tournament is a Bring-Your-Own-Computer style setup and inspired by the classic game 'Quake'.

    Source: quakecon.org

  • First Japan Game Awards

    1996 - Chiba, Japan

    Formerly known as CESA awards, this awards ceremony is created by the Japanese Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry to promote and encourage the Japanese video game industry.

    Source: en.wikipedia.org

  • Interactive Achievement Awards (As of 2013, D.I.C.E Awards)

    February 1998 - Las Vegas, NV

    The Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences (AIAS) produced the first television show honoring computer games in 1994. The award show began in 1997, and honors the year's best videogames, PC games, online entertainment, and outstanding individuals and teams in multiple categories.

    Source: en.wikipedia.org

  • Independent Games Festival Debuts

    1998 - San Francisco, CA

    As part of the GDC conference, this awards ceremony brings together the top minds in independent game development.

    Source: en.wikipedia.org

  • The First Game Critics Awards

    May 1998 - Los Angeles, CA

    Held directly after the E3 conference, these awards are chosen by individual judges representing 35 major North American media outlets, and are selected from Best of E3 category winners.

    Source: en.wikipedia.org

  • Australian Game Developers Conference Debuts

    December 1999 - Sydney, Australia

    An annual conference for industry professionals including game developers and game technology from all across Australia. This meeting brings together over 1000 delegates each year and is home to the AGD Awards.

    Source: en.wikipedia.org

  • Microsoft Xbox Announced at CES

    January 2001 - Las Vegas, NV

    Bill Gates publicly reveals the finished design of the Xbox at the CES convention in Las Vegas, Nevada, calling it "the future of gaming". One year later, Microsoft would announce 1.5 million console sales in the first 45 days of the 2001 holiday launch period.

    Source: dynadot.com

  • The First Game Developers Choice Awards

    March 2001 - San Francisco, CA

    A part of the GDC conference, this awards ceremony offers industry recognition for outstanding work in the video game industry.

    Source: en.wikipedia.org

  • World of Warcraft Announced at European Computer Trade Show

    September 2001 - London, England

    During a press conference at the European Computer Trade Show, Blizzard announced the upcoming release of World of Warcraft, a pivotal game in the rise of the MMORPG genre.

    Source: web.archive.org

  • D.I.C.E Summit Debuts

    February 2002 - Las Vegas, NV

    The summit serves as a forum to Design, Innovate, Communicate, and Entertain for top gaming executives. Recent focuses include the art of video games and innovations in independent gaming. AIAS's Interactive Achievement Awards would later be renamed as the D.I.C.E. Awards.

    Source: dicesummit.org

  • Supanova Begins Travelling Show

    April 2002 - Across Australia

    Supanova is a travelling Australian roadshow featuring characters from fantasy and sci fi worlds. Attendees might see giant cosplay battles or find beloved comics, games, and videos.

    Source: supanova.com.au

  • Microsoft Announces Xbox Live at E3

    May 2002 - Los Angeles, CA

    Allowing for not just computers, but consoles to have online access, Microsoft's announcement began the online gaming interactions of popular hits like HALO and Call of Duty.

    Source: ign.com

  • Games Convention Launches

    August 2002 - Leipzig, Germany

    Also known as GC or the Leipzig Games Convention, this annual event covered the best of video games in Infotainment, Hardware, and Edutainment. In its last year in 2008 it reached a peak of 203,000 attendees.

    Source: en.wikipedia.org

  • MAGFest Begins

    September 2002 - Alexandria, VA

    MAGFest is a music and gaming festival. The event features four days dedicated to video game music, video games, and the gaming community.

    Source: magfest.org

  • The First BAFTA Games Awards

    February 2003 - United Kingdom

    The BAFTA Games Awards split from the BAFTA Interactive Awards, and eventually took over both awards shows by 2006. Presented by the British Academy of Film and Television Arts it acknowledges games in more than a dozen categories annually.

    Source: bafta.org

  • Emerald City Comicon Debuts

    February 2003 - Seattle, WA

    This comic based convention in the Pacific Northwest features discussion panels, various games, costumes, and comics. Gaming tournaments and gaming panels are also featured, with the event attracting 64,000 attendees in 2013.

    Source: emeraldcitycomicon.com

  • VGX Awards Air on Spike TV

    December 2003 - Spike TV and Livestream

    Also known as the Spokie Video Game Awards or VGAs, this annual TV award show on Spike recognizes the best computer and video games of the year. As a true entertainment event, the broadcast also features popular performances from actors and musicians.

    Source: en.wikipedia.org

  • London Comic Con Debuts

    Spring 2004 - London, UK

    The European comic based convention that also focuses on cult television, anime, and gaming. Known for featuring actors from sci fi and fantasy hits like Doctor Who and Harry Potter. Special features include a video game expo, fan video expo, and Japan expo.

    Source: mcmcomiccon.com

  • PAX Prime Debuts

    August 2004 - Seattle, WA

    The first and original in the Penny Arcade convention series, PAX celebrates a love of all things video game including consoles, handhelds, pcs, and more. With 3,300 attendees the first year, PAX Prime has since grown to over 70,000 attendees.

    Source: prime.paxsite.com

  • Indiecade Launches

    Fall 2005 - Culver City, CA

    Dedicated to the "discovery, development, and recognition" of indie artists throughout the world, this festival works to celebrate the best of independent gaming.

    Source: indiecade.com

  • BlizzCon Gatherings Begin

    October 2005 - Anaheim, CA

    This convention is based around Blizzard Entertainment's popular series: Warcraft, StarCraft, and Diablo. The con features assorted gaming and costume events followed up by headline concerts form groups like Blink-182, The Offspring, and Foo Fighters.

    Source: blizzcon.com

  • Screenburn Emerges at SXSW

    March 2006 - Austin, TX

    Added to SXSW in 2006, Screenburn emerged from SXSW Interactive as a showcase to demo video games in 20 minutes segments; acting as a showcase for the newest industry software innovations. Screenburn has since evolved into the SXSW Gaming event.

    Source: sxsw.com

  • CAEAA Debuts

    September 2006 - Vancouver, Canada

    The Canadian Awards for the Electronic & Animated Arts launches, with award categories including video games, animation, and multimedia of the year.

    Source: en.wikipedia.org

  • Paris Game Festival Debuts

    October 2006 - Paris, France

    A gaming festival opened to the public, this Parisian event logged over 69,000 visitors over three days in 2010. The event is also host to the Game Business Summit for developers and investors.

    Source: parisgamefestival.com

  • New York Comic Con Begins

    February 2006 - New York, NY

    With over 133,000 attendees annually, New York is easily the second biggest comic convention in the US, and the largest on the East coast. While similar in format to the West coast original, it includes: gaming, cosplay, and comics; it is not affiliated with the longer-running ComicCon in San Diego.

    Source: newyorkcomiccon.com

  • Game Developers Conference China Debuts

    August 2007 - Shanghai, China

    In recognition of the growing world of Chinese game development, this conference is an expansion from the GDC conference in the United States.

    Source: gdcchina.com

  • EventsforGamers.com Website Launches

    February 2008 - Online Event Listings

    The website acts as a full conference-listing service serving developers, press/media, and gamer fans. Media goodies include a great active Twitter feed and handy online calendar.

    Source: eventsforgamers.com

  • CeBIT Raided by German Police for Patent Infringement

    March 2008 - Hanover, Germany

    German police raided 51 booths for chargers of patent infringement. The raids involved over 180 police and customs officers seizing items belonging to vendors from throughout Asia & Europe. Cloned items were said to include MP3 players, smart phones, and DVD players.

    Source: cnet.com

  • GamesCom Debuts

    August 2009 - Cologne, Germany

    Europe's largest gaming event launches. This event serves as a trade show for developers to show off and demonstrate their latest games and innovations, and is the second largest gaming convention in the world in terms of total attendence.

    Source: gamescom-cologne.com

  • EGX Debuts

    October 2008 - London, England

    Also known as the Eurogamer Expo this convention is an event solely dedicated to video games. Attendance has grown over the years to include a high in 2013 of 70,000 people.

    Source: egxlondon.net

  • PAX East Launches

    March 2010 - Boston, MA

    A spinoff of PAX Prime and the East coast main event for independent gaming.

    Source: east.paxsite.com

  • Intervention Con Meets Offline

    September 2010 - Rockville, MD

    Based off the words "internet + convention", this con is a celebration of all things associated with internet culture. Subject are based around products and services that use the internet as their primary method of distribution, like games, comics, music, and video.

    Source: interventioncon.com

  • Minefest Convention Begins

    August 2010 - Rotating Locations

    More informal than many other cons, this gathering is based on groups of Minecraft lovers who wanted the chance to get together. Locations have included Las Vegas, NV, Bellevue, WA, and Paris, France.

    Source: minecon.mojang.com

  • Comic Con India Debuts

    February 2011 - New Delhi, India

    As the first ever introduction of cosplay to India, this event also featured exhibits in Mumbai and Bangalore. Fans celebrate the love of comics, animation, video games, and community.

    Source: comicconindia.com

  • GeekGirlCon Launches

    October 2011 - Seattle, WA

    Proving that girls can be just as geeky and love video games as much as the boys, GeekGirlCon is committed to promoting women's interest and participation in all things gaming, comics, and role playing.

    Source: geekgirlcon.com

  • Game Convention Central Debuts Online

    May 2012 - Online

    A website that provides, "a full roster of all the world's gaming conventions." Online listing include over 600 games in 6 continents listed by region.

    Source: gameconventioncentral.com

  • GameStop EXPO Launches

    August 2012 - San Antonio, TX

    Participants have the opportunity to play video games as early as months in advance of their release dates. Attendees can also play in tournaments and meet special guests including developers, celebrities, and more.

    Source: gamestop.com

  • Gameconfs.com Launches

    June 2012 - Online

    The extensive information on this website offers worldwide convention listings and the ability to browse upcoming and past events, and sort by country and continent.

    Source: gameconfs.com

  • PAX Australia Debuts

    July 2013 - Melbourne, AU

    A Spinoff of PAX Prime that highlights the best of the Aussie and Kiwi indie gaming scene.

    Source: aus.paxsite.com

  • Game Developers Conference NEXT Begins

    November 2013 - Las Angeles, CA

    The newest addition to the GDC convention series, NEXT features the future of gaming and app technology as a main focus.

    Source: gdcnext.com

  • PAX South Scheduled

    January 2015 - San Antonio, TX

    The newest up and coming event by the successful Penny Arcade organizers at PAX. An event highlighting indie games and innovation.

    Source: arstechnica.com