What is your name?

, I need your help. ^300 There's been an invasion of sorts. ^500 Something's terribly wrong.

^500 It looks like . . . ^500 I really shouldn't say. ^800 It looks like Zombies.

^300 I know that sounds ridiculous . . .

It's not ridiculous! Zombies?? Hah!

You mean, ^500 you believe me? ^300 Oh, thank goodness! ^300 I was so worried . . .

^300 , ^200 Do you know what we should do?

I need more information We need to fight!

yeah . . . ^400 I knew it sounded ridiculous. I just thought, ^300 maybe you'd believe me.

^500 It's ugly out there, . ^300 Real ugly.

Okay, I believe you. You're crazy.

So you still don't believe me, huh? ^300 That's fine. You don't need to.

^500 If you simply look around you'll see ^200 that we're in the middle of a Zombie apocalypse ^200 threatening to destroy the Earth as we know it . . . ^500 What do we do about it?

I need more information We need to fight!

Violence. . . ^300 I like it! ^500 But I don't have any weapons.

What weapons kill Zombies anyway? ^500 I've seen movies, but you know TV . . . ^500 You just can't believe everything someone tells you on the media. ^500 Especially politics. . .

^500 But I digress! ^300 There's zombies! ^500 Can you think of any useful weapons?

I have an axe right here There's . . . Rocks.

It all started this morning. ^500 I was taking a shower and I heard a noise. ^800 It sounded like a growling lion or something.

^300 Anyway I peered around the curtain and there it was. ^500 A zombie child staring at me.

^200 As I was showering! ^200 Can you believe the nerve? ^500 So I wrapped myself up in my towel, ^200 stepped out of the shower ^200 and kicked him right in the face.

^300 That's when I learned that there were zombies! ^500 How can we fix this?

We need to fight them. We could wait it out

Wow! ^300 That's convenient. ^500 And I've definitely seen axes in Zombie movies before so it might work.

^800 Okay, zombie incoming. ^1000 Wow Zombies are really slow. ^1000 He's still walking towards us.

Charge with the axe Wait till the Zombie gets closer

Are you serious, ? ^300 Rocks?

^300 I mean I guess we could try . . ^500 Okay, Rocks it is. ^300 Let's fight!

^800 Okay, here comes the first Zombie. ^1000 He's approaching really slowly. ^1000 Any day now.

Throw the rock now! Wait till the Zombie gets closer


I've thrown the rock.

^300 Oh it hit him! ^200 He seems to have fallen down! ^800 No, wait. ^300 He's getting up again!

^500 This is not good, . ^300 The rock didn't work!

^300 What else can we use?

I have an axe right here Run!

You want to wait? ^500 What if we miss our chance?! ^800 Too late now. ^200 This zombie is right in front of us!

^200 We either attack now or we rest in peace!

Attack! Run for it!

Do nothing . . . ^300 That's an intriguing option, . ^300 Though I'm certain we'll end up dead if we do that.

^300 Are you sure?

Yes Nah, let's fight!

Okay, if you have any last words now's the time to say them!

^300 CHARGE!

^300 Oh gross, oh gross! ^200 Zombie guts. ^500 This is simply unclean!

^300 Chop chop chop chop . . .

^800 Oh my goodness . . . ^300 It worked! ^300 He's dead, !!

Celebrate! Look out for more.

Alright, let's make a run for it!

^300 Man I really wish I had done track in High School. ^800 My endurance is not good.

^800 I really don't think I can run anymore. ^800 I feel sick.

Keep Running! You should rest.


^1000 Oh no!

^1000 they're swarming me! ^500 I can't hold them!


^800 Connection Lost

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Do nothing it is! ^300 I suppose I'll just stand here. ^800

Oh god, ^200 I think I see a zombie approaching now.

^800 Yes, that is most definitely a zombie!

^300 But you said to do nothing so I'll stick by that.

^800 Oh no!


^800 Connection Lost

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Hurray! ^300 We did it, !

^300 We killed that zombie! ^300 Woooo!

^300 And it doesn't matter that there's more out there because we killed one!

^800 I'm totally gonna ignore the other approaching zombies now. ^300 Total buzz-kill.

^300 Happy zombie killing dance! ^800 Wait! ^800 No! ^800 Not again!


^800 Connection Lost

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That's a good idea. ^300 We shouldn't celebrate too early. ^200 There might be more after all.

You're so smart, .

^800 Okay, I see more up ahead. ^300 A lot more. ^300 We need a better idea if we're going to kill a bunch of zombies at once.

Run for it. Stand and Fight!

But I'm so tired! ^300 Listening to you is hard!

^300 I'll ^300 keep ^300 going. ^800 Arghh! My endurance is bad.

^300 Wait, ^300 I see something up ahead! ^800 Looks like some sort of bunker.

^300 Should I head towards it?

Investigate the bunker. Rest and avoid the bunker.

Oh thank you, ! I'm so tired.

^300 I'm just gonna sit down over here where it looks safe.

^800 That's so much better. ^300 I can feel my heart-rate returning to normal.

^300 OH NO! ^300 They've caught up to me. ^300 I should have kept running...

^300 What should I ...


^800 Connection Lost

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I'll make one last stand! ^300 You'll keep me safe right?

^300 Here they come! ^300 I'm attacking them!

^800 I got one! ^800 And another!

^800 OWWWW!!! ^200 I'm hurt.

^800 I'm still standing though! ^300 ARGHH. ^800 They can't stop me!

^800 BLEHHHHGH ^300 I don't know anymore. ^800 I'm hurt.


^800 Connection Lost

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All right, I'm gonna check it out. ^300 It looks really spooky though.

^300 It's so dark down there. ^300 I'm gonna keep going though. ^300 I trust you.

^800 Okay I see some form of light up ahead. ^800 Oh my goodness, .

^300 There are survivors down here! ^300 Thank you! You led me to survivors!

^800 Hey everyone, helped me reach you! ^300 What a true hero!

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