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Welcome to Lifeline Universe!

Lifeline Universe allows you to explore tons of interactive gamebooks all from one app! Dive into a new Mystery, Sci-Fi, Adventure, or Fantasy series and make choices in each chapter that will have the greatest impact to the stories being told.

You can even revisit some of your favorite throwback characters from the legacy series, like Taylor, Arika, and MORE! There are SO MANY genres to choose from!

Featured Stories

A limitless universe in storytelling waits for you…what choices will YOU make?

Journey to a new frontier of interactive fiction that needs YOU!

Choose from fantasy, mystery, sci-fi, adventure, and more! Plus, get all your favorite Lifeline chapters in one app with more to come!

What Turn Will Your Story Take?

Every choice you make impacts the outcome. Rewind your story to explore even more possibilities!

Finish one gamebook at a time, or pick and choose which chapters you want to complete.

Play the Content You Want & Get Rewarded!

Earn crystals and coins from following along your favorite new stories! Use crystals to make exciting Premium Choices that pay off greatly in the end! Got some coins? Get immersed in even more chapters!

Log in daily for special bonuses & complete achievements for even more loot to spend in-game!

Control a universe of possibilities...

...where you make the choice!