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Press Releases

Pearson Corp Expands into Uruguay, Opens Recruitment Drive

By: Anton Zelen, Vice-President of Global Marketing

October 21 — Pearson Corp is pleased to announce that we’ve opened Pearson, SA, a new subsidiary in Uruguay, achieving our goal of establishing a corporate presence in every nation in South America.

We have to admit, incorporating in Uruguay, a mature, liberal democracy, was a bit of a challenge for our team! Unlike many countries, where we can stand up an office with just a call or two to the right official and some minor paperwork, the diligent regulators of the Uruguayan Companies Office insisted on asking dozens of questions, such as, “What were we doing there?” and, “What, exactly, were we selling?”

All questions we happily answered! At Pearson, we’re all about transparency.

The office is hiring rapidly. If you’re a Montevideo resident, contact us for directions to our office. No experience necessary. We’re looking for young, motivated workers willing to travel, so those with a minimum of family attachments are welcome!

Pearson Settles Lawsuit with West Virginia

By: Murat Yeşil, Vice-President of Legal Affairs

September 9—Pearson Corp. is pleased to announce that it has reached an agreement to settle a lawsuit brought by the West Virginia district attorney’s office charging illegal disposal, transportation, storage, and mismanagement of hazardous waste and other biological material.

Under the terms of the settlement, Pearson will pay $24.2 million to the state, and additional $9.2 million to the affected families, including all residents of Stokely, West Virginia.

Pearson has volunteered, at its own cost, to test, sanitize, and certify all equipment, materials, and surfaces remaining in the Stokely Hog Processing Plant. However, no further payments will be forthcoming for the following: soil amelioration; water treatment; DNA testing (human or animal); residential fungus/mold removal; respirators, masks, and other breathing equipment; and livestock treatment and/or replacement.

Pearson Corp. admits no wrongdoing, in return for posting this press release.