A challenging solitaire card game full of beautiful scenery and gopher hijix!

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Solitaire just got a little less solitary!

Play Fairway Solitaire as a team & unlock NEW rewards that last all week for your whole Club!

  • Unlock new persistent rewards!

    Play with a team of Fairway players like you & reach new goals!

    4 Tiers of rewards to earn every week!

    No Gophers Allowed!

Come play on the Fairway, but don’t expect to improve your golf swing! Fairway is a card game that’s easy to pick up, but hard to put down. You’ll stay on par by removing the most cards in each hand.

Follow Fairway Solitaire!

Cards are clear and easy to read with a simple game play of one card up or down.

Use irons and Midas Clubs as wild cards to aide in your strategy. Use Power Ups like the Shuffle and Preview to solve puzzling card layouts.

Play Fairway Solitaire each day for a different event like Treasure Hunts, Pro Stars, and Stamp-edes!

Every weekend you’ll find amazing hand painted scenery to take you far away while staying in the comfort of your own home.


Fairway Solitaire Features

Over 900 courses and counting!

New solitaire game boards every day!

Play long streaks of cards to win bonuses!

Collect hand painted Stamps for prizes!

Rewards for your progress and achievements.

Daily free gifts and Minigames for prizes!

Fairway Solitaire Reviews

Amazing fast play, awesome graphics and exciting all around. Strategically enlightening!

Calming and easy to play on all my devices! An ultimate down time passer.

I adore playing this game and even got my best friend into playing it too!

Available on iPad, iPhone and Android Devices