From Master Detective's case file logs:

The events at the Mountain View Hotel and the surrounding wilderness showed me that one careless act can be a slippery slope. A group of missing skiers included a member of the royal family, and I couldn't afford to tread lightly. What I found up there could drive anyone mad. The videos I uncovered still weigh on me.

Looking back at my previous cases, Mountain View Hotel stands out as especially chilling.



These friends seemed ready for a snowy getaway, but even early on in their recordings, they capture strange, and sometimes ominous details about the hotel.



As time progressed, I noticed some increased tension between them. Simon yells out after seeing the thing in the window. But Ronald misses it entirely and becomes somewhat hostile toward Simon. You can tell the mood had started to change for the worst.



I nearly jumped out of my chair when I first saw it! The all too convenient glitches during the recording seem to be trying to conceal the fact that there’s a strange figure just outside their room.



Reviewing these tapes again reminds me how horrified I was seeing this next clip. At this point in my career, the things that go bump in the night are no longer a surprise, but there was something about those woods that still makes me shiver.


Their terror was palpable and the thing that hunted them had truly insidouse intentions. I’m just glad that this one is behind me. Though, the chill in my bones still seems to be with me…



Here’s a preview of Mystery Case Files: The Last Resort!