Club Power Hour

What is the Club Power Hour?

The Club Power Hour feature lets Club leaders and co-leaders pick a daily hour during which all club points earned will be doubled.

Use the Club Power Hour to aim for higher Club tournament ranks!

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How does the Club Power Hour Work?

While the Club Power Hour is running, all Club points earned by your Club’s members will be doubled.

The Power Hour runs for 1 hour each day.

  • A banner will show up on the Club page and special effects will appear on the Club button in the lobby, to let you know it’s running.

The Power Hour will run at the same hour each day during the same Sunday – Saturday week.

Each Club can set the Power Hour to occur at the time of their choice.

Club members will only earn double Club points during their own Club’s Power Hour.

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How do I change the time of the Club Power Hour?

Note: Make sure to adjust your Power Hour for Daylight Savings time!

Club leaders and co-leaders can change the hour for upcoming week’s Power Hour.

  • Next week’s Power Hour can be changed anytime before 11:59pm Pacific Time on Saturday, and will affect the time of the Power Hour for the following Sunday through Saturday period.

To change the time of next week’s Power Hour:

  1. From the Lobby, tap the Clubs button.
  2. Tap the Power Hour button that shows the current time.
  3. Tap the edit button and select the time.

The current week’s Power Hour time can’t be changed.

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