Kicking a member from the Club

Should I Kick a Club member?

As a Club leader, you have the ability to remove Club members.

To remove a member:

  1. Visit the Members page.
  2. Tap the  button.
  3. Select Kick From Club.
  4. Provide a reason for kicking the member.
  5. Tap Kick Member.

Please keep in mind that kicking is unpleasant for the one being kicked, and could lead to losing a contributing Club member, so be mindful before deciding to kick someone out.

 Here are some things to keep in mind when thinking about kicking a member:

  • Check if they're funding the Club first, from the "Members" page. Losing funding members makes it more difficult to level up the Club – leveling up the Club allows for a larger Club and bigger Club Challenges and bigger Challenge rewards.
    • When kicking someone, the pop-up will also display their recent chips donated, to help in making an informed decision.
  • Check if they're contributing to Challenges from the Daily Club Challenge page. Completing Challenges lets everyone in the Club get bonus Chips and Club reputation.
    • We're also working on making it easier to see everyone's Challenge/Club point contributions, besides the top 10.
  • Are they an active member in Club chat? Keeping the Club social helps keep other Club members engaged and active.
  • If they haven't been active or contributing recently, why not? Check in with them – send them a personal Inbox message to find out. They may have been away recently; encourage them to play more by sending them an Inbox message. There is also a limit to funding a Club – if the Club has already reached its max funds that day, they would be unable to fund the Club that day.
  • New Club members may not be able to fund the Club right away – if they funded a Club earlier that day, they will be unable to fund one for 24 hours.
  • Are they being disruptive in chat, or with other Club members? Setting expectations for your Club or sending them a personal Inbox message to discuss things may help, but feel free to kick them if they're not helping with the right mood for the Club.
  • Remember – you can always make your Club Invite only, by editing the Club settings from "More Options". This helps you choose who you would like in the Club.
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