How do I join a Club?

How do I join a Club?

Accepting an invite:

If you've received an invite, simply tap the Accept button.

You'll be added to the Club right away!

Requesting an invite:

To request membership to a Club:

  1. Tap on the Club you wish to join.
  2. Tap the Request to Join Club or Request Invite button.

Your request will be sent to a Club leader for approval.

Why can't I join a Club?

  • You don't meet the requirements.
  • Your request may not have been approved by the Club leader(s).
  • You are already in a Club. You can only belong to one Club at a time. Please leave your current Club before joining a new one.
  • You have already sent 1 request to the Club you are trying to join. Players may only send 1 request to the same Club in 24 hours.
  • You have sent 15 requests to various Clubs. Players may only send 15 total requests in 24 hours.
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