What are Club Points?

What are Club Points?

Club Points allow you to complete Daily Club Challenges and earn Club bonuses. They also determine your Club's rank in Tournaments.

Club Points are represented by a crown icon.

Daily Club points reset at 12:00 am PST.

Daily Challenges

Club Points are needed to complete Daily Club Challenges. A different amount of Club Points may be required for each challenge.

Complete Daily Challenges to collect Club bonuses.

Tournament Rank

Club Points also determine ranks in Club Tournaments.

The Clubs that earn the most Club Points during a week’s Club Tournament rank higher and get bigger prizes!

How do I get Club Points?

Every 50,000 chips credited gives 1 Club Point.

Please note:

  • This does not apply at Classic Slots and Table Games such as Blackjack, Texas Hold ‘Em Poker, and Roulette.
  • This amount is based off the total virtual winnings and rounded down, and may take a few moments to update on the display.

Club Points are awarded in the following situations:

  • On regular spins that hit
  • On Free Spins that hit, including spins in Reel Rivals tournaments
  • When a Jackpot is hit
  • When chips are awarded from a Social Scatter slot
  • When a Pot Burst awards chips to the table
  • Ultra Coins minigames
  • Stickin’ Spree and Stick & Win bonus games

Club Points are not awarded in the following situations:

  • Spotlight Millionaire raffle prizes
  • Booster Bunny chips
  • Any gold rewards (Club Points are only awarded for chip rewards)

What happens if someone leaves a Club?

If a Club member leaves or is removed from the Club, the Club Points they've earned will also be removed from both the Club and the game.


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