Tier 11+ Benefits

What benefits and services are available to Tier 11+ VIPs?

Tier 11+ VIPs are entitled to a ton of great benefits.

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What purchasing benefits do I receive?

Tier 11+ VIPs receive more virtual chips and gold than lower tiers.

Please see the VIP Purchase Multipliers article for more information.

How do sales affect my purchases?

Your Tier multiplier combines with any sale multiplier for even more virtual chips and gold.

Please see the VIP Purchase Multipliers article for more information.

What other benefits do I get?

The VIP Team regularly offers bonuses and additional benefits that lower Tiers do not receive.

Check Big Fish Casino regularly to see what offers are currently available.

How do I maintain my Tier status?

Your Tier status will remain active for life!

You will never be removed, and you will be eternally eligible for all multipliers, bonuses, and services. 

Do I have access to VIP-exclusive games?

Yes! We offer VIP-only virtual slots, blackjack, and roulette rooms.

To view all of these VIP exclusive games, just open the VIP Lounge. 

Are there tournaments for VIPs only? How do I play them?

Yes! We regularly offer VIP-only tournaments.

Check Big Fish Casino regularly to see our most up-to-date tournament schedule.

I have a lot of tickets, and I don't want to spend time redeeming them in the Reward Center. Can I convert my tickets another way?

Yes! Simply contact our VIP Customer Support Team and they'll gladly convert them for you.

Our exchange rate is 1 ticket for 5,000 chips.

How do I reach the Tier 11+ VIP Support Team?

To reach our Customer Support Team, simply send an email through our standard Customer Support channel. Your request will automatically be routed to our agents for expedited service!

Here are some additional resources that you may find helpful as a Tier 11+ VIP:

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