What are Club Types?

What are Club Types?

"Club Types" are labels used to indicate a Club's main purpose.

These labels can help you find a Club that best fits your interests and playing style.

Club Type labels also help Clubs find good fitting members, so make sure to choose the right Club Type if you're the Leader.

Club Type labels don't set any limits on the features available to your Club.

As a leader, to pick a Club type:

  1. Visit the Lobby.
  2. Tap the Club button.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen.
  4. Tap More Options.
  5. Tap Edit Club.
  6. Scroll down and select Choose a Club Type.
  7. Pick the type that suits your Club best (you can always change it later):
    • Social: Pick this type if your Club is a place to relax, chat, and meet new people. There aren't any expectations to fund the Club or spin towards daily challenges (though members can if they like). Have fun and socialize!
    • Casual: Pick this type if your Club doesn't have strict requirements, but still expects members to work towards the daily challenges and fund when they can. The Club will increase in level and rank in tournaments, but typically at a slower pace than a competitive Club, and that's ok!
    • Competitive: Pick this type if your Club's goal is to rank high in the tournaments and level up fast, while competing with other Clubs. Members will likely be expected to follow certain Club rules in terms of competing and funding. Aim to beat the other Clubs!
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