Club Member Dos and Don'ts

Interested in joining a Club, or already a member?

Here are some tips on getting the most out of Clubs and having a fun time playing Casino with others!


    • Read the descriptions of Clubs to find one that's the best for you.
      • If you'd just like to have fun, hang out, and socialize with others while playing, look for a Club not requiring certain amounts of Club challenge activity or donations.
      • If you're more competitive, look for a Club competing with others or focused on completing challenges, possibly with certain requirements to stay active.
    • Search for a Club type that suits you best.
      • Look for a "Social" Club if you'd like to chat and meet new friends, without any expectations regarding funding or competing.
      • Look for a "Casual" Club if you'd like a Club that aims to grow and participate in Club tournaments, but doesn't have very strict expectations. Members of this type of Club should try to help out as they can, but it's understood that not everyone can contribute all of the time. This type of Club is the middle ground between Social and Competitive Clubs.
      • Look for a "Competitive" Club if you'd like to compete with other clubs and rank high in the Club tournaments. Members of these Clubs will be expected to follow the Club leader's rules regarding competing and funding. Aim to win those Club tournaments!
    • If your current Club isn't the right fit, that's ok – you can leave and join a new Club, or even start a Club of your own! To leave a Club, tap "More Options" on the Club page, then tap "Leave Club". Try out more Clubs and experiment to find the one that suits you best!
    • Participate in Club chat to talk with other members in the Clubs, even if they're at a different slot machine! Tap the "Slot" button to the left of the chat window to switch between chatting with the table and chatting with your Club (non-Classic slots only).
    • Work with your fellow Club members to complete Daily Challenges, by spinning in slot machines. Complete the challenges to earn Club bonuses!
    • If it's something you like, compete with other Clubs to get to the top! Also compete in Club tournaments, coming soon!
    • Invite your friends to the Club, to stay in touch and play together more easily.
    • Share the Club with friends outside of the game, by taping "Share Club" on the Club page.
    • Send Friend Requests to other Club members, so that you can send them personal Inbox messages!
    • Fund the Club – this helps level up the Club. Leveling the Club is important, as higher levels allow more members and greater Challenge rewards!
    • Be on the lookout for more features and improvements – we're working on bringing exciting new things to Clubs soon!


      • Forget to collect your Club bonuses. As the challenges are completed, you'll be able to collect the bonuses from the main Club page. They do expire if not collected, so make sure to collect them!
      • Worry if you're kicked from a Club – you can join a new Club that's a better match for you, or start one of your own. Join a Club with friends, or invite them to yours, and try out new Clubs to find one that you'll have the most fun in. Make sure to look for a Club whose Club type suits you best.
      • Miss out on Club discussions and gossip. Make sure to switch to Club chat at a slot machine, to see what everyone's been saying!
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