What are Club Posts?

What are Club posts?

Club leaders can post to their Club, so all other Club members can see the message.

Leave a post, and offline members will see it when they return to the game and open the Club page.

Leaders can also grant access to Club members so that anyone (or certain roles) can post as well.

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How do I view Club posts?

Club posts are only viewable to members of that Club.

The most recent posts will be displayed.

To view your Club's posts:

  1. Tap Clubs in the lobby.
  2. Look below the Invite and Share buttons.
  3. Swipe left or right on a post to see more posts.

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How do I make Club posts?

To start, only Club leaders can post.

If a Club leader has allowed Club members of your role to post, you can also post.

To make a Club post:

  1. Tap Clubs in the lobby.
  2. Tap Post, to the right of the Invite and Share buttons.
  3. Enter your Club post (up to 140 characters long).

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How do I change Club post settings or remove posts?

As a Club leader, you have the ability to allow other Club members to post, and can also restrict posting abilities to certain roles.

Only Club leaders and co-leaders can delete other club members’ posts. All other roles can delete their own posts.

To delete a Club post:

  1. Tap Clubs in the lobby.
  2. Tap the x button in the top right corner of the post you wish to delete.
  3. Tap the Delete button to confirm you wish to delete the post. Tap Cancel if you’ve changed your mind.

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