How do I chat with my Club?

How do I chat with my Club?

You can chat with other members of your Club even when you're playing different slot machines. You can also chat with your Club directly from Inbox messages.

This allows you to stay up to date, socialize with more people at once, and share in the fun while playing different slots.

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How do I chat with other Club members while playing a slot machine?

You can chat with other Club members even when you're playing different slot machines (note: Classic Slots are not included).

Simply switch between Slot and Club chat to change who you are chatting with.

To chat with your Club while playing slots:

  1. Tap the Slot button to the left of the chat window.
  2. Select Club Chat.

To switch back, tap Club and select Slot Chat.

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How do I chat with my Club when not in a slot machine?

Even if you’re not in a slot machine, or if you've been away from the game, you can still participate in Club Chat from the Inbox.

Club chat messages in the Inbox and at a slot machine are the same. The same messages are shown in both locations and they can be seen by all members of your Club.

To chat with your Club from the Inbox:

  1. Tap Inbox in the lobby or View Inbox in your profile.
  2. Tap your Club chat, at the top of the Inbox list.

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How do I change my chat settings?

Chat messages will appear whenever a club member or a friend comes online in the game.

If you’d rather not see these automated messages, you can turn them off from your chat settings. This will not affect Classic Slots.

To change these chat settings:

  1. Open a slot machine from the lobby (Note: This will not apply at Classic Slots).
  2. Tap the menu () button.
  3. Tap Chat Settings.
  4. Uncheck the box next to either automated chat message you wish to turn off.

If you’d like to turn certain chat settings back on in the future, simply repeat the steps above and re-check the box.

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