What is the VIP Rewards Program?

What is the VIP Program?

The VIP Program offers exclusive benefits for playing Big Fish Casino. VIPs get bigger bonuses, higher purchase multipliers, and have access to VIP-only content.

How it works

Earn VIP Points for making purchases and leveling up. The more VIP Points you earn, the higher your VIP tier. The higher your VIP tier, the bigger your rewards. Your VIP tier will never reset or decrease.

Early Access / VIP Slot Machine / VIP Lounge Access Benefits

VIPs Tier 4 and above have exclusive access to several benefits including early access to slot machines, special VIP-only slot machines, as well as the VIP Lounge.

Anyone who becomes a VIP by purchasing at least $5 or more will have access to these benefits even before becoming VIP T4!

VIP Tier VIP Points Required to Reach Tier Purchase Multiplier VIP Bonus (Chips per non-Gold $) VIP Bonus (Gold per Gold $) Chip Bonus Multiplier Daily Spin Max Prize
Tier 0 0 1.5x 0 0 2x 100K
Tier 1 250 1.75x 1,000 0.4 3.5x 150K
Tier 2 1,250 2x 2,000 0.8 9x 200K
Tier 3 3,750 2.25x 5,000 2 18x 300K
Tier 4 11,250 2.5x 15,000 6 27x 400K
Tier 5 41,250 2.75x 25,000 10 36x 500K
Tier 6 103,705 3x 35,000 14 45x 600K
Tier 7 178,750 3.5x 45,000 18 54x 700K
Tier 8 441,250 4x 60,000 24 62x 900K
Tier 9 841,250 4.5x 75,000 30 72x 1M
Tier 10 1,516,250 5x 100,000 40 82x 1.5M
Tier 11 3,266,250 5.5x 125,000 50 90x 2M
Tier 12 7,391,250 6x 150,000 60 100x 4M
Tier 13 13,391,250 6.5x 175,000 70 110x 6M
Tier 14 29,641,250 7x 200,000 80 120x 8M
Tier 15 64,641,250 7.5x 250,000 100 130x 10M

Terms & Conditions

When you access or play Big Fish Casino, you automatically agree to be part of our VIP Rewards Program. If you do not agree or are not comfortable with any part of the program, please let us know by contacting Customer Support. Big Fish reserves the right to modify or revise the terms of the VIP Rewards Program, so it is important that you periodically check here for updates. If we revise the terms, such revisions will take effect immediately upon being posted within Big Fish Casino. Big Fish reserves the right to terminate your participation in the VIP Rewards Program at any time for any reason.

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