How do I chat?

How do I chat?

To chat with other players:

  • Mobile devices: the chat window will appear either at the bottom of the screen or in the top corner. Once you tap the chat window, a keyboard will appear so you may begin typing.
  • Computer: the chat window will appear on the side of the game. Simply click in the "Enter to submit" box and start typing!

Friend notifications

If you see a chat message in brackets that says that one of your friends has joined Casino, such as [iPad started Casino], that’s a system message to let you know that one of your friends is online.

Only you can see these messages; they aren’t visible to other players in the chat room.


Please treat other players with respect.

If you come across a player who’s posting inappropriate content in chat, you can report the player so our moderators may investigate. Pressing the Report button will also block that player’s chat and images from your view.

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