How do I virtually bet? (Slots)

How do I virtually bet on a slot machine?

Before spinning, choose the amount you'd like to virtually bet.

A virtual bet is essentially the number of chips you're willing to risk losing for the chance to spin.

For each spin, your virtual bet is divided evenly between the paylines. For example, if you place a total virtual bet of 900 chips, and the slot machine has 9 paylines, 100 chips will be virtual bet on each payline. In Classic Slots you can select the number of lines you’d like to play on. The Total virtual Bet amount shown at the bottom of the slot machine is the total amount virtually bet per spin, including all paylines.

To change your virtual bet, tap the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons on the sides of the total virtual bet indicator, which shows the rounded virtual bet amount. To virtually bet max, you can tap ‘+’ until you reach the max virtual bet available, or you can also hold the ‘+’ button for 3 seconds to switch to max virtual bet immediately.

Every slot machine has its own minimum virtual bet amount. You must virtually bet at least the minimum amount in order to play.

Virtual payouts are based on virtual bet size.

  • The larger the virtual bet, the larger the possible virtual payout. However, by virtually betting large amounts you may run out of chips faster.
  • The smaller the virtual bet, the smaller the possible virtual payout. While wins may be smaller, you may be able to play for a longer amount of time.

There’s no wrong way to virtually bet as long as you’re enjoying yourself.

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