What are paylines?

Paylines: Specific lines along which series of symbols count as wins.
For example, here are the valid paylines for Spotlight Millionaire:

Some other possible paylines include:



Please note: The number and orientation of paylines may vary depending on the slot machine you're playing.
How do I see the paylines for a slot machine?

To view the available paylines for a given slot machine, open the slot's virtual payout guide:

  1. Tap the menu (≡) button.
  2. Tap How to Play.
  3. Swipe to the paylines page.

Most slot machines automatically virtually bet on all paylines present at that machine. On Classic slot machines, however, you may choose the number of paylines on which you wish to play.

How do paylines work?

Most slot machines allow you to choose the number of paylines on which you wish to play. On some slot machines, however, the number of paylines may be fixed.

Paylines run from left to right on most slot machines – some machines will have additional information in the virtual payout guide regarding different gameplay types.

For a series of symbols to count as a win, the first symbol must fall on the far left reel, followed sequentially by the other symbols. The combination must fall on a valid payline, and you must have virtually bet on that payline to receive a virtual payout.

For example, this counts as a win:

The piggy bank symbols above fall from left to right along a valid payline. The first symbol in the winning series falls on the far left reel.
The series below, however, does NOT count as a win:

The series falls on a valid payline, but the first piggy bank symbol does not fall on the far left reel.

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