What are Scatter Slots?

Scatter Slots offer a unique feature: scatter symbols.

What are scatter symbols?

Scatter symbols are special. They can cause an action and affect the virtual slot machine's overall virtual payout or bonus.

For example, as you and your fellow players hit scatter symbols in Wicked Wins, the pot will burst, awarding chips to all players who have hit a scatter since the last pot burst.

Scatter symbols do different things on different virtual slot machines, so be sure to check a slot's virtual payout guide for details.

In order for a pot burst to occur, a random number of scatters must be hit. If the last player leaves the room and the table becomes empty or there are no other players in the room before this number of scatters is reached, then no pot burst is awarded.

Does symbol location matter?

On most scatter slots, the location of the scatter symbols on the reels does not usually matter. Scatter symbols can appear anywhere, regardless of the number of lines virtually bet.

The only virtual slots that require scatter symbols to fall in sequence or on a payline are those in which the scatter symbols occupy entire reels (Ex: Phoenix Rising, Viva El Mariachi, Sweet Stacks, etc.).

Does the number of scatter symbols matter?

Yes, scatter hits virtually payout based on three tiers: 3 scatters, 4 scatters, or 5+ scatters.

Although it's possible to get more than 5 scatters on a spin, all of our scatter slots pay only up to a maximum of 5.

Which virtual slot machines are Scatter Slots?

The following virtual slot machines are Scatter Slots:


  • Clover Magic and Great Outdoors: Cozy Canyon allow you to choose between minigames that offer free spins or prizes.
  • Burning Love and Candy Crane award free spins.
  • Aztec Gold and Pharaoh's Flame award a random prize.
  • Road to Oz allows you to choose a cloud that will award you an amount of chips that's hidden until you pick one out of the three.
  • Snow Day, Sweet Hearts, and Secret Grove award chips to the player who hit the scatters, and a smaller amount of chips to the rest of the table.
  • Gummy Drop! World Tour, Wicked Wins, and Mad Mouse award chips for a scatter, add the same amount to the pot, and mark you as having contributed towards the current pot. After a random number of cumulative scatter hits, the pot bursts, splitting the current pot equally between everyone who contributed to it. The pot is then reset.
  • Phoenix Rising has phoenix symbols that are similar to scatters but operate in a slightly different fashion. Three full phoenixes have to show in the three left reels to count. Partial phoenixes will not count. If three full phoenixes are hit in a spin, they operate in the same way as Wicked Wins and Mad Mouse.
  • Spotlight Millionaire awards entries for each Wild ticket symbol. Every 15 minutes, a winner is randomly selected from the entries. The winner earns extra chips and is featured in the spotlight at the top of the machine where other players may send them Likes. Virtually bet bigger for more entries.
  • Treasure Trove Cove: Hit three or more Booty symbols to start the buried treasure bonus game.
  • Untamed Wilds: The Wild Bear will randomly appear, replacing symbols with Wilds. Hit 3 Scatters to begin Free Spin mode.
  • Winners Wonderland: Hit 3 or more surprise gift scatters to begin the Secret Gift bonus round.


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