How do I participate in a slot tournament?

How do I participate in slot tournaments?

To participate in a slot tournament:

1. See the slot tournament pop-up window to find featured slot games and remaining tournament times each day.

2. Spin in the featured slot game for the tournament during the tournament period.

3. As you spin, your score will be calculated based on the specific type of tournament displayed and tabulated in the slot tournament pop-up.

4. To check your score, rank, and the amount of time left:

  • Slots: Tap the trophy icon to see available prizes. Next, tap Rankings to see your score and rank.
  • Classic Slots: Once enough of your wins have contributed to the score, you will begin receiving chat messages letting you know your score, your rank, and the time left in the tournament. After the timer reaches 00:00, you'll actually still have a short amount of time to make some final spins!

5. Players will be ranked based on their score, determined by the specific type of tournament.

6. In case of a tie, the player who reached the top score first will receive the ranking.

7. For exact ranking tiers and prizes, please refer to the slot tournament pop-up. The number of winners may vary based on participation. Tournaments with pre-determined prize pool amounts will have a fixed number of winners.

8. Your Tournament Winning history is displayed on the Winnings tab of the slot tournament pop-up window. Tournaments in which you ranked high enough to receive a prize will be listed there.

9. Tournament participation is not allowed from Private or Friends tables. All spins from these tables will not count towards your tournament scores.

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