Club Win Bonus

When a member of the Club hits a really big win, everyone else in the Club receives a bonus, too!

You can collect Club Win Bonuses from either the in-game message or the main Club Page.

Tap “Thank” to thank the player who earned the bonus!

Club Win Bonuses are triggered by wins that pay out at least 40x, 100x, or 200x the total virtual bet, depending on your Club’s current level (see the chart below). Club Win Bonuses credit .1% of the qualifying win’s total virtual payout up to the maximum Club Win Bonus for your Club’s current level. The higher your Club’s level, the larger your Club Win Bonuses can be!

Club Level




Minimum Club Win Bonus

500 chips

500 chips

500 chips

Maximum Club Win Bonus

50,000 chips

250,000 chips

1,000,000 chips

Win requirement to trigger bonus

40x total virtual bet

100x total virtual bet

200x total virtual bet

Wins smaller than 500,000 chips will not trigger a Club Win Bonus.

The following will not trigger a Club Win Bonus:

  • Classic Slots wins
  • Spotlight Millionaire raffle prize (Spotlight Selection) 
  • Reel Rivals tournaments
  • Pot Bursts triggered by another player

Can I make my Big Win Bonuses anonymous?

Yes! If you’d prefer not to include your username in the Club Win Bonus alerts, you can update your settings by following these steps:

  1. On the main Club page, scroll down to More Options.
  2. Select Privacy Settings.
  3. Uncheck the Display my username when triggering a Club Win Bonus
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