What is the Treasures feature?

Treasures is a feature which allows you to earn prizes including:

  • Big Chip Rewards
  • Frames to show off your personality
  • Intros to announce you at your favorite slots
  • Charms to share your luck wherever you play

Chests are easy to earn! Spin in your favorite machines, just as you normally would. If you match three Chest symbols, you unlock a Chest. Open Chests to receive chips and Tokens. Use Tokens to level up and complete Sets and make progress toward the current Season.

Each set has five levels. Complete levels to earn Grand Set tokens to help unlock prizes in the Grand Set. Complete the Grand Set before the end of the Season to earn the exclusive Legendary charm before time runs out!

Treasures may not be available in all regions.                             

Treasures is NOT available on the Game Manager, but can be accessed via web browser.

What are Chests?

Chests contain Tokens and in some cases chips; you can earn them by spinning in (non-Classic) slots. 

Chests come in varying sizes:

  • Freebie
  • Large
  • Gigantic
  • Enormous
  • Massive
  • Colossal 

Larger Chests have a better chance of awarding higher rarity Tokens. Chests of the same size may award varying amounts of Tokens from different Sets. 

Freebie Chest can be collected multiple times per day. 

Where do I view my unopened Chests?

You can view and open your unopened Chests by visiting the Treasures tab, then tapping Chests.

What are Tokens?

Tokens are collected to complete Set levels and are earned by opening Chests.

Some tokens are more valuable and harder to find than others. 

Token have these following rarities:

  • Common
  • Uncommon
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Legendary


Grand Set tokens are special tokens that are only earned by completing Set levels. These help you earn progress towards the Grand Set, which offers unique and special rewards. 

What are Sets?

You can view all of the current season’s Sets in the Treasures section of the app. Each Set has a unique, themed token you can find by opening chests. When you collect the required amount of tokens for a Set level, you can Level Up the Set and claim your rewards! Complete a Set by completing all 5 Levels for a Set. Set Levels require different quantities of Tokens to claim each reward.

You can view a Set’s current Tokens progress, level and rewards at any time from the View Sets page, which is accessed through the Treasures tab.

What is the Grand Set?

The Grand set for each Season offers big chip payouts as well as unique and special Charm rewards that are themed to the current Season story.

New this season: There are many levels to complete and rewards to collect in the Grand Set. Collect all of the Seasons Charms before the season runs out. Wear them proudly on your Avatar and see which ones bring you the most luck! Share your luck with others, by sending them as gifts to others while you play. 

What happens when I complete a Set? What are Set Challenge Levels?

Once you have completed all 5 Reward Levels in a Set, you’ll have unlocked that Set’s Challenge level! You will continue to be able to earn tokens toward that Set, allowing you to now redeem Tokens and earn large chip rewards. 

What are Seasons?

Treasures is a seasonal event, which means there is a limited time to complete all sets and claim prizes! Once that season concludes, all set progress will be lost (don’t worry, everything you earned will never go away!). You can see how much time is left in the current Season by checking the main Treasures page or sets view. When a Season ends a new one will soon start with a whole new theme and set of prizes.

What happens to the Charms, Frames, Intros, and Gifts I’ve earned once the Season ends?

Chips come and go, but Treasures last forever!

Charms, Frames, Intros, and Gifts that you’ve earned are yours to keep! You can view them by visiting the Treasures tab and tapping Inventory.

If you’ve earned a Frame and would like to display it on your profile picture, tap Frames, then select the Frame you’d like to use.

If you’ve earned an Intro that you’d like to display in chat whenever you enter a slot room, tap Intros, then select the Intro you’d like to use.

If you’ve earned a Charm that you’d like to display on your profile picture, tap Charms, then select the Charm you’d like to use

You can also gift your Charms by going to the gift store and tapping the “Special” tab.

Unused Tokens will be removed from the game once the Season ends.



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