End of Treasures Season

What does the end of the Treasures season mean for you? We’ve assembled this FAQ to answer your most important questions.

Here’s a quick summary of what’s happening and when

  • As of the end of the season, you can no longer earn Freebie Chests or chests through slots play.
  • You can still open earned chests for a limited time during the offseason.
  • You can continue to complete sets and claim rewards for a limited time during the offseason.
  • You keep all of your rewards forever. All your earned frames, gifts, trophies and intros are yours to keep, even when the next season begins.
  • When the next season begins, you’ll earn chests by playing your favorite slots and work to complete all new sets for a fresh group of Treasures 

What happens when the season ends?

When the season ends, chests can no longer be earned by playing slots. Any chests you have earned can still be opened for a limited time. You can complete and claim sets during this time. Also, you can access your inventory to review your progress and to equip any items you’ve earned during the season. In fact, you can always access your inventory -- during the offseason or in future seasons to access your previously earned rewards. 

Do I lose all of my stuff?

No. Any rewards (Avatar Frames, Intros, Trophies, and Gifts) stay with your forever. You can access and utilize these rewards as long as you are a Big Fish Casino player. However, before the start of the next season, your unused Tokens (which are used to complete sets) will go away, as will any unopened chests. 

What if I didn’t finish a set when the season ended?

If you haven’t collected the required Tokens to complete a set at the end of the season, be on the lookout for special offers to help you complete sets during the offseason.

Any unclaimed sets cannot be claimed once the new season of Treasures begins.

Will there be another season of Treasures?

Yes! A new season of Treasures is on its way. Be sure to follow Big Fish Casino on Facebook to find out first details on the next season! 

 How will the new season be different?

We’re not ready to reveal all the details just yet. However, some things will stay the same (just spin in your favorite slots for a chance to earn chests) and some things will change. What’s changing? Well, for one thing, all of the rewards are different. That means plenty of new things to collect! We’ll have a brand new theme as well. 


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