Treasure Rush


What is Treasure Rush?

Treasure Rush is a limited time event where players can earn unique rewards. During this event, chests earned in Treasure will also contain Treasure Rush Tokens. These Treasure Rush Tokens will fill the progress bar shown in the slot machine. Complete a level to unlock a reward – try and complete as many levels as possible during the event!

Treasure Rush may not be available in all regions.                             

How long does it last?

Treasure Rush can vary in length – The Treasure Rush progress bar displays the duration of the current event.

How do I progress?

Make progress by earning chests and collecting Treasure Rush Token when spinning in slots. Higher bets earn bigger chests which contain more Treasure Rush Tokens.

Note: Freebie Chests do not contain Treasure Rush Tokens.


What can I earn?

Rewards can change for each event, but rewards may include: Chips, chests, boosts, and even limited edition Intros, Frames, and Charms that can’t be earned any other way.


Where do I get my rewards?

Once you’re in a slot machine, tap the progress bar to open up the info sheet. If you have collected enough points to claim a reward, just tap the bar and you’ll be taken to the Reward page to claim your prizes.

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