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Big Fish Casino or Slotomania?

That's a tough question. Both are free slot machine apps with bonus games. Both have impressive slot tournaments too.

It's almost like choosing between black or red at a roulette table in Vegas -- almost!

Hi! I'm Pomela --
the hostess of Big Fish Casino. Let me help you pick a slot to play. Follow me to the casino floor!
With so many social casino games to choose from, what makes one game stand out from another? In this first installment, we'll look at Slotomania, a highly popular social slots app
At Big Fish Casino, start playing ten of our favorite slot machine games right away!
At Slotomania, you start with one slot game and unlock more at higher levels.
Chat and play with friends in Big Fish Casino! Invite friends to the same machine you're spinning on and send them gifts while playing!
Join a club, play in tournaments with friends, and chat with club
Send other players and friends in-game gifts and chips! Show your thanks and wish them good luck!

You don't need to wait until you reach level 50 to finally play with friends.

Big Fish Casino lets you play with friends right away! New players can also join a Jackpot Club from the get-go.

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At Big Fish Casino, we’re all about the perks! You get multiple bonuses each day, including Bonus Vaults every few hours, a big Daily Bonus, and a Return Bonus that increases every consecutive day.

Slotomania has quite a variety of slot games, but it takes a while to unlock each one. On the other hand, Big Fish Casino provides more games early on and is not limited to slots. You can also play poker, roulette, and blackjack!

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