General tips

The following tips may be helpful to consider while playing Cascade:

  • Gems can be placed on any existing gem or an empty square.
  • Try to play the gems that are on the sides first, as these are usually the hardest ones to match during gameplay.
  • If you spin multiple gems of the same color on your reel, it may help to plan out where all of them can go before starting to place gems. If there aren’t a lot of spaces in your first moves for the spin, it may help to make other moves first to create more board space or opportunities to play those gems.
  • Usually, it’s more beneficial to try playing all the gems on your bottom reel, rather than advancing the objective of the level, as free spins provide extra score, which can help with some of the harder levels where there’s an objective and score goal. Sometimes, planning ahead can usually help with playing all the gems on your reel.
  • In contrast to the above tip, always be on the lookout for the opportunity to win the level as well. It is very easy to sabotage a win by accidentally setting off a much larger chain reaction than expected and moving gems into spaces that block a win.
  • Sometimes, leaving an Object can help with blocking a worse Object or Obstacle from spreading.
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