Level & Star Goals


Each level contains a set of goals to achieve before running out of spins.

These goals include a mandatory Star Goal, and possibly another goal such as:

  • removal of a specific number or all of some tiles or objects 
  • matching a certain number of gems
  • dropping a certain number of objects to the bottom of the screen
  • and many more

You must meet the first Star Goal to complete the level, along with any other required goals. Tap on a Star before starting a level to see the required score to achieve it.

Completing the level’s goals before running out of spins results in a Cascade and completing the level! Not meeting the goal within the required number of spins results in a loss.

If you have run out of spins, you need to either use boosts or a Continue token to continue the level. Otherwise, you must start the level over and lose one of their Lives.

Earning Stars also provides Gold Bars and Star Cards while playing.


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