Non-stationary objects & obstacles

These objects drop to the bottom or rise to the top as matches are made and space clears around them


Balloons - Balloons are full of hot air and rise up to the top as space clears above them. Match the balloons color to pop the balloon and release the trapped gem inside.


Barrels / Reinforced Barrels - Barrels drop to the bottom and can be broken by making matches next to them. Some barrels may release desirable or unwanted items, like gems, bursts, vines, or even lava and bombs. Paying attention to what barrels release early in a level can help determine when it is necessary to smash them open, or when it may be better to try to keep them closed.

Some Barrels may be chained and become Reinforced Barrels. They may have multiple chains on them that must be removed before the Barrel can be broken. Adjacent matches remove one set of chains for each match made.

Bombs - Bombs are an obstacle where every gem placed on the board lowers the countdown timer on it by 1. Bombs can make normal obstacles even more difficult to deal with and may be combined with other obstacles.

Don’t let the counter on bombs tick down! If it counts down to zero, it’s game over.

Bombs can be removed by making a match including the bomb as part of the match or that destroys the obstacle containing the bomb. If a bomb gem or obstacle is cleared, all other bomb gems on the board will not count down that move.


Boulders and Reinforced Boulders - Boulders drop to the bottom, and can be removed by making matches next to them. Boulders block burst gem effects, and also do not count towards the amount of gems necessary to create burst gems. Reinforced boulders start to appear around level 142 and take two matches to clear.

Paying attention to the timing of when a boulder drops from the top of the screen can help with determining what gems to match and when to help make Boulders as little of an obstacle as possible.


Coconuts - Similar to a treasure chest, Coconuts drop to the bottom. These may contain something tasty inside when they make it to the bottom and open.


Elevators - Clear gems above an Elevator to allow it to rise to the top.

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