Spreading objects & obstacles

These objects start in one location, but begin to spread if a match occurs that doesn't remove it or a portion of it.

Clouds - Gems can be hidden under clouds! Include the color of the hidden gem in a match to uncover a layer of clouds. Clouds stop spreading once all clouds are eliminated from the board.


Ice -  Gems trapped under ice! Make matches next to the Ice to break the Ice. Every move made that doesn't remove Ice causes Ice to spread. Be aware of Ice generators that will begin to appear in later lands. They will also generate Ice whenever a move doesn't remove Ice.


Vines -  Include the color of a gem trapped in vines to free it. Every move made that doesn't remove vines causes them to spread. Vines stop spreading when all vines are gone from the board.

Burst Gem effects travel through multiple vines, and may be helpful in clearing out large amounts quickly. Also, if a Super Wild or Burst Gem is covered by vines and then cleared, its special effect is not activated. Starting level 186, Vine generators begin to appear.


Lava - These tiles spread like vines, but instead of trapping the gem it covers, it removes the gem entirely. Make matches next to lava to remove it from the board.  Every move made that doesn't remove lava causes it to spread.

It is recommended to try to make moves next to lava first, to help stop its spread.

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