New York tourist guide

Welcome to New York! Our tour of world cuisine starts in the Big Apple where we’ll have 4 different types of restaurants to try out. From a humble food stand breakfast to a fabulous steakhouse dinner, our cooking skills will be put to the test in each restaurant. Let’s get this tour started!

Doughnut shop

For our first stop, we will be working in a doughnut food truck. On the menu at this shop are doughnuts and milkshakes. Milkshakes automatically refill after being served to customers, so our main duty is to make and serve the type of doughnut our customer are looking for.

Doughnuts can have two different kinds of icing (strawberry and chocolate) added to them, and each of those icing types has its own special topping that can also be added (sprinkles and coconut).

Customers will ask for 5 different types of doughnuts. Here are the types we can serve:

  • Plain doughnut
  • Chocolate doughnut
  • Strawberry doughnut
  • Chocolate doughnut with coconut
  • Strawberry doughnut with sprinkles

Plain doughnuts are ones fresh from the fryer. To cook up doughnuts:

  1. Tap on the rings of dough under the counter on the left side of the screen. This will put one in the fryer for each tap.
  2. When a doughnut is done, tap on it to move it to a plate.
  3. If the customer wants a plain doughnut, tap on the plated doughnut to serve it.

If the customers want more flavor with their doughnut, we can add icing to the plain doughnut before serving. To add icing tap on the bowl of icing that you want to add to the plain doughnut.

  • The strawberry icing (pink) is in a bowl beneath the plates on the left side, and the chocolate icing (brown) is in a bowl on the right side of the same area.

Customers may also want a topping to go with their doughnut. These toppings are found in dishes near the icing type they go with. To the left of the strawberry icing is a dish of colorful sprinkles, and to the right of the chocolate icing is a dish with coconut ready to be freshly shaved on top of a doughnut. To add toppings to a doughnut tap on the icing you want to add to the doughnut.

  • Doughnuts with sprinkles will always need strawberry icing to be added before the topping. Doughnuts with coconut will always need chocolate icing to be added before the topping. 

If a customer wants a milkshake to go with their doughnut—or if they stopped in for only a milkshake—these are found in glasses on the right side of the counter. Tapping on the shake will serve it to the customer, and the mixer will automatically get started on making a new one for the next customer.

Burger shop

Starting at level 11, we’ll be working in a burger shop. It may look like a bit of a hole-in-the-wall, but the food—with your help—will be top-notch. Here is the full list of what we can serve:

  • Plain hot dog in a bun
  • Hot dog with ketchup/mustard in a bun
  • Plain hamburger on a bun
  • Hamburger with tomato on a bun
  • Hamburger with cheese on a bun
  • Hamburger with tomato and cheese on a bun
  • Onion rings
  • Soda

Hot dogs
To start cooking a hot dog:

  1. Tap the bin of hot dogs underneath the counter on the far-right side. This will put a hot dog in the pan to start it cooking.
  2. While the hot dog is cooking, it’s a good idea to tap on the hot dog buns to put one onto the plate. Hot-dog buns are in the bread box underneath the center counter on the left side. A cooked hot dog cannot be plated until there is a hot-dog bun on the plate.
  3. To serve a plain hot dog, tap on it once after the hot dog has been plated inside the bun.
    • If the customer wants a condiment (ketchup will be the first one, and then it becomes mustard through upgrades), this can be added to the hot dog by tapping on the bottle at the top of the column of three ingredients located to the left of the hot-dog plates.

To start cooking a hamburger:

  1. Tap on the left bin under the right-side counter (next to the hot dogs).
  2. Hamburger buns can be added to the plate while the hamburger is cooking by tapping on the right bread box underneath the center counter. A cooked hamburger cannot be added to the plate until there is a hamburger bun there to receive it.
  3. Tapping on the cooked hamburger will move it into an available hamburger bun.
    • This plain hamburger can then be served to customers by tapping on the assembled hamburger.

Customers may order a few different variations on the hamburger: with tomato slices and/or cheese.

  • If a customer wants a tomato on their burger, tap on the center ingredient in the column of three to add a slice of tomato to a hamburger.
  • If they want cheese, tap on the bottom ingredient in the column of three to add a slice of cheese to a hamburger.

Some customers may want both cheese and tomato. These two ingredients can be added in any order; if you tap on cheese first, it will go onto the bottom-most hamburger first. Tapping on a tomato after that will add it to the same hamburger. The reverse is also true; first adding a tomato to the bottom-most hamburger and then tapping on the cheese will add cheese to the bottom-most hamburger too.

Onions rings & sodas
The soda machine and the onion rings are found on the left side of the counter. The soda machine will refill its glasses automatically if one of them is served, so there’s no need to do any setup there.

For onion rings, all we need to do is tap on the fryer to get them cooking. The fryer is found under the counter on the left side. Once the onion rings are done, they will appear on the counter just to the right of the soda machine.

Tips & tricks
Sometimes customers really, really want onions rings. It can help to refresh the onion rings to their full number of servings before you run out. When there is only one serving left, tap the deep fryer again to start a new batch. This can help cut down on the wait time for a new batch to finish cooking during one of those rushes where it seems like every customer wants onion rings! There’s also no risk of burning, so it’s a totally safe time-saving trick.

Breakfast diner

When doughnuts are not enough for breakfast, stopping in at a diner for a tasty meal of pancakes or eggs is definitely an option in New York! We’ll be working on our griddle and skillet skills in the city’s third restaurant. Here is a full list of what can be ordered in this restaurant:

  • Pancake
  • Pancake with pancake syrup
  • Pancake with blueberries
  • Pancake with pancake syrup & blueberries
  • Egg
  • Egg with bacon
  • Egg with toast
  • Egg with bacon & toast
  • Orange juice
  • Ice cream sundae


To start making pancakes:

  1. Tap on the bowl of batter located just to the left of the juice machine.
  2. Once it’s done, tap on the finished pancake on its skillet to move it over to a plate.
    • Customers who like their pancakes plain can then be served by tapping on the plate with the golden-brown and yummy pancake.

For those who may like their pancakes with some extras, we have a couple of options available. Both the pancake syrup and the bowl of blueberries are located underneath the center counter (on the far right and in the middle, respectively). These can be added to a pancake in any order, but keep in mind they’ll always go onto the bottom-most plate of pancakes.

The toppings can be served separately or together. Sometimes it can be a bit tricky to see the syrup underneath the berries when orders are flying quickly, so keep an eye out for the telltale drip of syrup on the front of the plate. If the drip isn’t there and the berries are, go ahead and serve the pancake with blueberries only.

A very popular breakfast around the world is eggs. In our diner, we’ll be serving them sunny side up with optional sides of bacon and toast. You cook eggs by:

  1. Tap on the bowl of eggs located underneath the left-side counter.
  2. Once the egg finished frying up, tapping it in the fry pan will transfer the finished egg to the plate.
  3. One final tap on the plated egg will serve a customer their plain egg.

Eggs are a fantastic breakfast on their own, but sometimes a side or two can make a meal even more satisfying. Our options here are bacon and toast.

  • Bacon in this diner comes from a marvelous, never-ending plate, so there is no need to do any cooking for it. It is always ready to go! Tapping on the plate of bacon (located at the top of the column of ingredients just to the right of the egg plates) will add bacon to the lower-most plate of eggs.
  • Toast does require a bit of prep work, since we want our customers to get freshly toasted bread with their meals. Tapping on the toaster underneath the center counter will start toasting bread. Each batch made will have 1-3 (depending on how many upgrades have been purchased) servings that can be added to plates of eggs. To add toast to the plate of eggs, tap on the plate of toast that’s located just below the bacon.

For customers who want both toast and bacon, tapping once on the bacon and once on the toast will add those sides to the bottom-most egg plate.

Juice & ice cream
Orange juice can be a perfect pairing for any breakfast. We have fresh orange juice to serve our customers from a handy juicer located at the top-right area of the counter. Tapping on a glass of juice will serve it to a customer who has requested it; the glass will then automatically start to refill to get ready for the next thirsty customer.

Maybe an ice cream sundae is not the most common breakfast, but is there ever really a bad time for ice cream? Our diner comes equipped with an ice cream freezer underneath the counter on the right side. Tapping on the door of the freezer will start assembling the sundaes, and then 1-3 servings (depending on purchased upgrades) will automatically appear on the shelf above the freezer when the ice cream is ready. Tapping once on ice cream will serve it to the requesting customer.

Tips & tricks
No matter how many times you tap the toaster, the toast will never burn while waiting for the plate of cooked toast to be served.  Less surprisingly, the ice cream will also not burn. This means both can safely be queued up to start a fresh batch before the current one has been used up. If you have a spare second, it can really help to start a new batch of fresh toast and freshly made ice cream going even if you still have servings of it available. You never know when you’ll get a rush of customers wanting to cool off with a sweet, creamy treat!

Bar & grill

Our next stop in our culinary tour is at a lovely bar and grill. Each entrée (steak and fish fillet) has the possibility of one or two sides; the bisque may also be ordered with parsley added to the bowl. Here’s a list of dishes customer can order:

  • Steak
  • Steak with fries
  • Steak with onion
  • Steak with onion & fries
  • Fish fillet
  • Fish fillet with greens
  • Tomato & seafood bisque
  • Tomato & seafood bisque with parsley
  • Cheesecake
  • Coffee


Tomato & seafood bisque
Let’s start our meal with a delicious first course: tomato & seafood bisque! To start cooking the bisque:

  1. Tap on the big pot on the left side of the center counter.
    • You can also start cooking it by tapping on the platter of ingredients located below the pot.
    • The bisque will automatically serve itself into bowls above the pot when the cooking has finished.
  2. Tapping on the bowl will then serve it to a waiting customer.

Some customers may want a fresh sprig of parsley added on top of their bisque. The parsley is located in a small bowl to the left of the pot used to cook the bisque. Tapping on it will add parsley to one bowl.

  • If multiple bowls need parsley, the taps will add parsley to bowls in this order:  the lower-left bowl first, then the bowl at the top, and finally the bowl on the right.

Now we move to the main courses! to cook steak:

  1. Tap on the platter of marinated steaks located in the middle of the center counter. Tapping the platter will move a steak up to the grill above it to start cooking.
  2. Tapping on the cooked steak will then move it to a waiting plate on the right-side counter.
    • The steak plates are on the left side of this counter, and the fish plates are on the right side.

Steaks have two possible side dishes to go with them, and they are both located on the right-side counter. In both cases, a steak must be on the plate before either onions or fries can be added to the serving late.

The first optional side dish is the onions that sit on a platter directly below the steak plates. Tapping on the onion platter will add slices of onion to the lower-most plate in the column of steak plates.

Steak fries are a common side dish for steaks, and we have those ready to go in our bar and grill too, underneath the right-side counter is a basket of potatoes. Tapping on that basket will magically turn sliced potatoes into piping-hot fries and add them to the lower-most plate in the column of steak plates.

Fish fillet
For those who might like a lighter entrée, we’ll also be serving grilled fish fillets. The uncooked fish can be found on a platter on the right side of the center counter. To cook the filet:

  1. Tap on the platter to move one fish fillet, per tap, to the waiting grill.
  2. Tapping on the fish fillet on the grill once the cooking has finished will move it to a plate on the right side of the counter on the right.
  3. To serve a fish fillet without any side dish, simply tap on the plated fish fillet.

Fish fillet comes with one optional side dish: healthy, leafy greens. The greens await in a platter directly below the column of fish fillet plates. Tapping on the greens platter will add a serving of greens to the lower-most plate of fish that does not yet have a side dish.

Coffee & cheesecake
Our customers may also order dessert with their meal; they may also need a pick-me-up of caffeine after such a big meal! Our restaurant serves both the sugar rush and the caffeine rush they may need.

Cheesecake is made in the oven located underneath the left-side counter. Tapping on the oven will start the cheesecake baking, and it will serve itself automatically onto the left counter when the baking is complete. Tapping on a plate of sliced cheesecake will serve it to the waiting customer.

Our coffee machine sits at the top-left corner of the left-side counter. Tapping on a cup of coffee will serve it, and then another cup will automatically start brewing to replace what has been used.

Tips & tricks
When you can make and serve 2-3 bowls of bisque or 2-3 plates of cheesecake, it’s a good idea to use the trick we found in the previous couple of restaurants. Before you run out of cheesecake or bisque, tap its cooking container to start up a fresh batch. Sometimes this can let you chain 4-5 servings of the treats to customers, resulting in a big combo bonus!

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